Update : #Ananasgoodmood tiny giveaway :D


Hallo Alle!

A short post for tonight everyone! its 17th of March already :0 Cepat sungguh 10 days berlalu. And the main pont here is, nak ucapkan terima kasih yang tak terhingga to everyone yang participate dalam tiny giveaway ni. Only Allah knows how I feel and appreciate each one of you yang support! I never thot of having such a great groups of bloggers yang macam ni! weeee yguys are awesome! (claps)

Just to remind yguys, harini last for yguys IF, if laa ada sesapa lagi yang nak join tiny giveaway ni :D Oh and good luck to everyone too! If nak check nama yguys boleh click kat tags #Ananasgoodmood tu untuk check name list. and if nak blogwalking, search for great blogs tambah kenalan pun apa salah nya visit visit en? harse * (gelak tahpape).

Baiklah, ini sahaja for tonight. Have a great day ahead and good luck happy peepals! ;)

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Gud luck semua. comel je gambar kat playground tu :P

    1. Hahaha good luck to you! Maceh kata saya comel adik manisss

  2. All the best semua. Hope ada tuah kat giveaway nie (=

    1. Hehehe tu laa semoga bertuah ler ye awak :*


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