17 February 2018

My Masters' Journey 101


It's been a while since I updated about my studies.. or no?

Anyways, Alhamdulillah I am now officially a master student kat UPM, Serdang (yes... same place where I did my degree :p)
Only Allah know how happy I am to be at where I am now :)

Baru first week je haha but I feel the vibes oredi.. the "so many things to write and to read" vibes.
So now.. I would like to tell bits and bots of how I apply and how I get my masters in UPM.

November 2017 - 

Where I started to finally decide nak sambung master. At first.. I did not know yang even though tak habis degree (in final sem) actually dah boleh apply for masters. Tapi kena guna all the results for every semesters yang dah lepas untuk apply. So sebelum tu.. I dah prepared lah myself untuk apply time bulan september nanti sebab I ingat kena tunggu habis degree, dapat results, then only boleh  But bila dah tau boleh apply terus for february intake..

Im like. OK not gonna wait anymore.. if can bulan februari.. then I just go with it.

*For your information, kat UPM dia ada 2 intakes. Satu bulan Februari and satu lagi bulan September. Sama macam mula semester time degree jugak cuma ada 2 kali intakes.*

Since I dapat tahu yang ada intake februari, maka mula lah keserabutan diri nak apply for masters. That time due date untuk apply buka somewhere in september ke october, but the latest is by 30th of November. I kinda like knew about it a week before the end of the due date. A WEEK GUYS.

Aku proposal apa semua tak siap lagi untuk apply memang serabut gila :')
Dah laa degree tak habis lagi.. dah fikir pasal what to do for masters. (acah power je)

But this is where your advisor starts to shine. Thanks a lot to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina binti Mamat, my (previously) penasihat akademik during degree and my masters advisor now. She guided me and my friend, Juniza, masa nak apply master semua. A really big help from her. Thank you. huhu

What can I say.. please for those yang nak apply masters.. tak kisah lah uni apa pun.. Stay updated or you'll terlepas pandang with the due dates la apa la.. rugi tau. okay? rugi. 

So stay updated with the portal and ask help from the lecturers/ your chosen advisors. 

December 2017 -

Okay, lepas dah settle apply.. I decided to apply for GRF (Graduates Research Fellowship). I'll tell you about this in the next entry okay sebab now tak tau how to explain lagi.. so stay tuned.

Application untuk GRF ni pun kena hantar proposal jugak (diff than proposal yang untuk apply masters tu) and got some borang untuk di isi. So Alhamdulillah I managed to submit the application before 5th of January 2018 *the due date*

January 2018 - 

Here comes the paling mencabar (?) part, waktu menunggu results. Result dapat master and dapat GRF. Alhamdulillah syukur sangat I got both. Both dapat dalam masa a month after the application submitted. :)

Masa menunggu ni, me and my friend Juniza always whatsapped each other pastu risau nak mampus takut tak dapat :'p nasib dapatttt. hahaha ye ah sebab serabut masa nak apply tu tuhan saja yang tahu.

February 2018 - 

February pulak, I got my degree results :D Alhamdulillah I am soooo soo grateful for the results and most important is I am done with degree!

I got the GRF, too somewhere in this month and started my first week as a master student.
Fyi, I am pursuing my master research in Master of Arts in Discourse Studies, dekat same faculty which is Fakulti Bahasa Moden dan Komunikasi.

So far now I am writing for my chapter 1,2,3 as proposal lah.. but if its good then I can continue terus lah for my research.

First week is fine but I am a bit blur .. but apa apa pun I am so happy to start on this brand new journey :) Alhamdulillah and insyaAllah I will do my best. for me myself, my parents and everyone who loves me eternally.

Here are some pictures during my preparation for masters and my first week. Not much but yeahh, there you go!

My matric card :* (yeah I look so flawless and chubs)

uncle yang editkan gambar jadi flawless and jadi putih trox

first day of briefing pasal masters :*

ini Juniza gedik, my friend yang ada since day one for masters ni. huehuehue stuck with her since degree :p
(and till forever insyaAllah . lewlz)

books, yes typical. 

the day where I registered my matric for library.. for the first time and forever. I even pinjam buku tau!
(dalam gambar is juni sedang naik tangga)

and... thats it!
Till then

Tchus :)

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