20 February 2017

It is the final year


Hye there, and I am back. So tired of writing the typical intro so lets start.
Why do I say its the final year is because, now I am in the final year already lah (lol) . It is already semester 6 and believe me or not, I have to do my interns starting on next June ! I know that I am going to face this phase of life , so imma deal with it.

First thing that is big for me in semester 6 is of course. The FYP aka Final Year Project. I have the idea of it, like searching for the titles, the mainpoints but still I hope that I can do it well cause I dont even start anything yet. This week is going to be the first week for my fyp. Good luck me!

I have been searching for anyone who wrote about FYP in their blogspot, but emmm I couldnt find any yang complete especially for my language course. So I guess I just have to think obamaself and get the idea from my lecturer. But my lecturer always ask us to think so whatever it is.. I have to think obamaself again. Okay.

Oh yes! its 2017 already! Happy new year and have a great one peeps. (lambat nau wish nya) and that marks the 22nd year of me being alive in this beautiful creepy wonderful world. Although I just turned 21 last november, but yeah.. I can't wait until the day I can sing 22 song by Taylor :p

What else to bebel about this final year thingy?
Hopes, ya hopes.

I hope that I can deal with this semester and get great results,
I hope that my Fyp is gonna be da bomb
I hope that I got the place that I want to intern so much (please reply my emails to those companies which may concerns :') )
finally, I hope I am going to face this final year of my degree with happiness and great experiences.

I wish everybody to have a great life and good luck in everything okay!
Omg thanks for reading! I really like to talk nonsense , but sometimes make senses ok.


Posted by Nur Farhana