31 July 2015

Face mask + scrub for a healthier skin! :D


Hey there everyone :*

Its time for an interesting post! well it is interesting for me :p happy reading!
Just wanna tell youguys about this one scrub yang I've been used it since 2012?
Because dulu I have a dry face skin.. jadinya ibu ku mencadangkan kepada ku untuk menggunakan face scrub. and I use this!

 ni nama dia seperti tertera di atas, honey and oat scrub mask. Means boleh buat mask and scrub as well. Dia punya texture macam lotion with scrub. And best bila apply pada face kita :)

Oats- dia contains anti-inflammatory properties and saponins, tujuan untuk cleansing our face anddd  perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin(like me!) mihmih
Honey- with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and it is perfect for achieving the “glow” (macam quputeh gitchew) while fighting acne and nourishing aging skin. Dia juga naturally opens pores. Got it?

Wear it like this! one layer is enough. Masa pakai ni akan rasa panas sikit kat muka . Its the reaction of the honey itself. Both honey and oat is very good for your skin tauu I tell youu.. (mak jemah sangat)  . Wait for 10 minutes, then cuci muka sambil gosok your face slowly... There you go! scrub your face :D

It will lembapkan your face skin and feeling fresh. like this!

okay dah! hehehehe. apa ? nak buat sendiri scrub and face mask?

sure can! here I would like to share this! much more easier face mask and scrub for you to make.
by Michelle Phan.

lets watch! :D

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Weekly tips #Girls thing!


Hello everyone!

So now here is a short post about life tips! since its still hari raya, I would like to share this dimana one of the blogger(wani) send me the link. Ive watched it till the end and hope you guys pun sama! Benda baik harus lah di share kan especially for us Girls and Women :*

glam up tips on Hari Raya Aidilfitri :D

p/s: alfatihah to kakak kepada sweet-(the one in the vid). Her sister kembali ke rahmatullah on the first day of syawal if I am not mistaken. due to car accident.

thats all :) tchus <3

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30 July 2015

People come and go


Hye everyone :)

Today's title might be sounds cliche, but anyways.. I am gonna write about it.

Day by day, years by years, made me realized Im getting older (eventho I am only 20) but hey.. Ive met so many people all around the places where Ive been. Good memories, bad memories.. Ive faced them, too.

Friends, Families.. they come and go. right?
I know that orang cakap memutuskan silaturrahim antara saudara sesama Islam tu tak elok.. but I realized somehow its not about putus silaturrahim. But people go. they fade away slowly as they want it to be. To be honest.. I do that, too.


because I am afraid pisang berbuah dua kali. I feel uncomfortable when people dont understand me dah as usual. People somehow need to know that me, or maybe themselves change without kita perasan pun. Well those are my reason why do I choose to fade away from people.

My friend says that
"we only befriended with those who we always meet"

true kan?
But somehow I still have some friends yang jumpa setahun sekali pun bercerita bagai nak rak like we meet them everyday. I call these people is, understanding peeps.. or jenis yang satu kepala macamtu.
I always keep to myself.. eventho I am slowly fading away from the people that have been bad to me or made me unhappy, still if they meet me or talk to me.. I will treat them nicely. (ok nana? good *bermonolog*)

I thought that people do come and go and happens between friends only. But so do family :( this one sadden me a bit. *sigh
We are all human though.. everyone made mistakes, everyone changes, but no matter what.. its us who made the decisions. We have the power to choose whats good and whats bad. Be wise.

This might be a really random post. well its just my feelings. Hope that better days will come ahead. thanks for reading people :*

lets clear our mind. by watching this. indahnya ciptaan tuhan :D


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29 July 2015

Sephora Eyeliner and Nyx matte lipstick!


hey there :D

today I would like to share some stuffs that I bought in Sephora. I am lack of makeup knowledge but teringin juga nak review sedikit sebanyak. mana tau some if yguys pun like me jenis yang baru tau menahu pasal make ups stuffs right?

oookay the first one is

1. Fine line waterproof eyeliner (24 hrs)

Ive been longing to have my own eyeliner sebab selama ni guna yang ibu punya je. plus celak mekah tu :') sobs. but hey! I bought this at last! at first rasa macam marker pen yang pointy punya pun ada haha pastu macam easier for me to conteng mata.

What can I say about this eyeliner is.. its waterproof! to be honest.. theres one day I bought mascara yang price dia boleh tahan la mahal but its not waterproof. habis mata mudah jadi panda. (can see how noob I am bila pasal mekap before this hurm)

one more thing is about dia punya tip saaaaangat halus and quite soft which is very easy for me to use it. as I am not a pro at all. still! got to manage to wear it okay-okay  :p weeeee~

its RM 50.00 which I think its very affordable for that kind of eyeliner and brand. ok

2. NYX Matte lip - athens

and this one! hehe my fav ever. eventho sometimes bila pakai muka nampak pale but who cares. me likey hehehe. bila dia start dry and kita lick our lips it will be just fine. tak rasa macam tebal pun bibir. So natural. one of the matte lipstick that I would recommend. and famous too I guess? Tapi banyak yang ciplak. so buy the ori ones okies.. tak merepek pun price dia ;)

testimony sikit. gambar gelap dan cerah tu sebab lighting and tempat snap picture is diff kayy bukan sebab tetiba tanned :p

me with both makeups. muehehehe kbye!


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28 July 2015

Kopftuch! my new online muslimah's shop


Hey ho everyone :*

Topic for today is all about KOPFTUCH which is pronounced as "KOP-F-TUKH"
which means headscarf in German language. I created this with my cute friend named Aida Aliah. Kami still baru lagi.

To be honest.. I really really want to have my own hijab brand or apa apa lagi brand which made by myself. Sebab dia punya happy tu lain macam. It has been a week and few days our online shop ni on air. sudi sudi la support kami kayyy di sini --------->  Kopftuch's instagram!

so far ada 4 colours je.. chiffon shawl and satin silk shawl. plus! sangat wide! hehe its 2m x 0.7m wide and length. sebab boleh tutup chest and bahagian belakang juga. So far as I wear it for a few times, sangat comfy (bukan nak promote) and not so see-through. hope that yguys berminat untuk follow and support us :*

besides.. kita ada buat some tutorials untuk youguys menggayakan kopftuch's shawl :*

some of collections that we have :)

and some tutorials!

do follow us on instagram and support us

thank you semua :D ich liebe alle <3


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21 July 2015

Apabila menulis recipe di blog?!!?


Hey ho peepals!

See da titles? nah? yah? (merapu)

Actually pagi tadi plan nak buat pavlova untuk di bawa ke rumah makcik yang berada di Manjalara sana nu.. it was actually planned about three days ago?

Mentang mentang laa lately ni I used to bancuh meringue so rasa macam elehh barang semua ada nak buat apa adehal.. recipe dalam otak dah siap *konon*
Then pagi tadi pukul 9.30 a.m macam tu I woke up and ready to bake!

Pastu, tetiba rasa ragu ragu serta was was bercampur baur tentang recipe yang I thought that I oredi tau. To be honest.. or to be obvious.. yes.. boleh je google recipe memana. Tapi nya I have my own recipe since Ive made them quite some times. Tapi hilang buku recipe :')
Out of sudden teringat terus recipe yang ditulis pada berapa tahun lepas dalam blog ni yang dah eden pun lupo.. and I decided to use that recipe in mah own blog! hehehe! Alhamdulillah.. berkat menulis recipe kengkonon nak share to others lah konon.. berguna pada diri sendiri juga :') (proud of mahself)

So pada semua yang malas nak masak or bake tu jangan lah bermalas-an lagi! grab your tools and lets cook! (kata nana pada diri nya sendiri. hihi) and you see ! its the useful of writing the recipes in our blog :* wew

oh not too late to wish SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO EVERYONE !
pavlova medium size milikku yang satu cracked dan satu lagi beauty.

cari lah yang paling cute.. well thats me :* 

lihat lah pavlova ku secara close up. hahahaha *obesessed with own pavlova :p

Das ist alles !
tchus :*

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3 July 2015

Dresslink.com #frauananasreview


Hello everyone!

Hows your day going? good? Cool!

Today ada benda cool yang nak di share kan pada yguys semua. :D
Siapa pernah dengar Dresslink.com ?

Tak pernah?

Now its time for you guys untuk usha apa benda kah itu. Well it was my first time juga haritu dengar pasal Dresslink.com ni.. But then.. bila buka web tu.. I was very the rambang mata melihat segala pakaian, barang yang terjual dalam tu. I love to online shopping, but itu dulu (selepas sedar bahawa banyak habis duit asyik online shopping). Tapi serious.. dalam web ni.. price barang dia sangat lah murah to compare dengan kedai kedai/instashop yang biasa jual barang barang ni. Oh and.. barang barang dia bukan biasa biasa but one of a kind. lets see!

Dresslink.com   <------ click link ni okies?

I got the chance to shop ka Dresslink ni.. and look what I found hehehe

1. Cardigan cantik!

I am interested dengan baju loose loose yang macam ni. sebab senang kan if kita nak pakai baju lengan pendek ke kat dalam and cardigan ni boleh help kita jadi berlengan panjang :D see the price??? US 8.31 .. haa darab la tiga.. murah je if nak compare dengan internet shop lain.. 

2. Backpack (bag)

One more.. cantik kan?! :'D I know right.. masa dekat overseas mengada tanak beli ba lelawo macam ni sebab selalu nya barang barang cemni murah kat sana.  If tak berkesempatan ke tempat orang.. apa lagi hehehe gi dresslink.com cepat!

3. Transparent sling bag :')

I dont know bout chu! but I love this kind of stuffs :') weird tapi cantik sangat!!!!!! hahaha sorry la iolls banyak promote bag dia. hmm sapa suruh cantik sangat :'(
and Alhamdulillah.. Ive got the chance to own some of their stuffs :D

this one :  Hoodies

tadaa! I have thisss hehehe .. fefeeling korea sangat beli yang ni. (ingat Malaysia sejuk sangat ?) lewls .. but I choose this one sebab dia ada zip dekat bahagian bawah so that kita yang tentukan nak longgar or nahh.. ;) easy right?

one  moreee : Beauty blender,

siapa siapa makeup junkies mesti tau kan benda ni?  I know right.. if dalam insta shop.. some people jual seketul rm10.. or rm7 but here? you guys darab tiga.. haa kira la brapa harga dia. very cheap . and! nampak tak logo FREE SHIPPING KAT SITU!??


tak habis lagi dengan gambar gambar menarik.. youguys boleh click sendiri dekat link tu and see how easy to shop there ;) boleh zoom kat gambar dia, and boleh check size dengan mudah sekali (for baju, skirts etc.. )

nahhh bukti barang iols selamat sampai :D

model tak bebayar saya (shamin a.k.a abang ku) sedang menggayakan hoodies yang iols tunjuk tadi. nampak kecik untuk dia.. but with me it suits well! nanti one day I take a picture with it okies? 

iteww pilih purple clour. comel en? hehe boleh main mekap mekap dah lepas ni :p 
So apa tunggu lagi! hehe lets shop dekat Dresslink.com  !

trust me you will like it :D

(credts to Gianna for helping me through this and thanks to Dresslink.com for awesome stuffs to buy!)

Das ist alles :*


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1 July 2015

1st of July


Hello everyone I am back :)

Guess what? Finals are over! (erm sem 2 je baru habis. got more sems coming)

Apa apa pun, I am so happy sebab dapat cuti and puasa kat rumah. Dapat lah makan sedap sedap and dengan berbuka dengan family.. cumanya macam biasa lah duduk rumah jadi driver adik adik ke sekolah. Oh and lotsa thangg nak cerita kat chuolls but satu satu dulu.


       Okay first of all.. pada sesiapa yang senasib bercuti sem seperti saya, meh laa buat kuih raya. Hehe bukan susah pun kan? cuma ada kerajinan je sikit. Lepas tu pula semua asyik duk sibuk share recipe kat facebook tu haa. Just scroll kat timeline, berlambak orang shared :'D

What?! malas buat kuih?

Okay kalau macam tu kena la beli kuih raya saya. Ecehh tipu jerr :p but if sesiapa yang duduk area Shah Alam, teringin nak merasa Coffee Meringue cookies boleh la order (promo sat) hhehe. So! this is one of the examples of thangg that Ive been doing now.. Buat kuih and jual kuih raya! but one type only meh ..

fresh from the oven heheheh

dah siap! hehehe these balangs untuk mereka yang dah order dengan saya. RM 30 sebalang (including GST ..eh? )

For those yang tak tahu meringue cookies ni apa, it is made from putih telur mix dengan fine sugar. Same as other meringue deserts like pavlova or lemon curd meringue. But this one in a form of cookies with chocolate chips on top. Yep! kuih ni sangat ringan and once masuk dalam mulut terus melt. Recipe? heheheh secret recipe >.<


         Puasa puasa jugak.. tetiba I ter joined satu lagi contest model muslimah. Sebelum ni ada went for some castings je.. but this time.. join contest! hahaha . Kalau youguys pernah dengar lah.. Pearl Harbour Fashion.. dia actually satu online shop yang sekarang ni boleh dikatakan meningkat naik. Dalam Zalora.. and 11th street pun ada juga. And quite famous sebab baju baju dia murah murah :') so if nak beli baju raya cantik dengan harga yang sangat murah!! boleh usha link bawah ni kayy..

Link : http://www.pearlharbour.com.my/

oh and kalau rajin, sudi sudi lah like gambar saya kat fb page Pearl Harbour. hehehe Im no.5 , Farhana :* dekat link ni -----  NO. 5 Farhana :)

One of the jubah from Pearl Harbour..hehehe. flare flare giteww kain ditiup angin :p 


Here is one videos yang saya ada tengok masa cuti cuti kat rumah. Such an inspiration. We should watch too ;)

jangan nangis okies :'D 

That is all for now :*

tchus alle!

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