Face mask + scrub for a healthier skin! :D


Hey there everyone :*

Its time for an interesting post! well it is interesting for me :p happy reading!
Just wanna tell youguys about this one scrub yang I've been used it since 2012?
Because dulu I have a dry face skin.. jadinya ibu ku mencadangkan kepada ku untuk menggunakan face scrub. and I use this!

 ni nama dia seperti tertera di atas, honey and oat scrub mask. Means boleh buat mask and scrub as well. Dia punya texture macam lotion with scrub. And best bila apply pada face kita :)

Oats- dia contains anti-inflammatory properties and saponins, tujuan untuk cleansing our face anddd  perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin(like me!) mihmih
Honey- with antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and it is perfect for achieving the “glow” (macam quputeh gitchew) while fighting acne and nourishing aging skin. Dia juga naturally opens pores. Got it?

Wear it like this! one layer is enough. Masa pakai ni akan rasa panas sikit kat muka . Its the reaction of the honey itself. Both honey and oat is very good for your skin tauu I tell youu.. (mak jemah sangat)  . Wait for 10 minutes, then cuci muka sambil gosok your face slowly... There you go! scrub your face :D

It will lembapkan your face skin and feeling fresh. like this!

okay dah! hehehehe. apa ? nak buat sendiri scrub and face mask?

sure can! here I would like to share this! much more easier face mask and scrub for you to make.
by Michelle Phan.

lets watch! :D

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Rajinnya Farhana jaga kulit =)

    1. hehe bila rasa nak pakai je baru pakai mask ni ☺️ but guna cleanser memang cuci hari hari

  2. Woah bagus product , bagaimana ingin dapatkan nya ?

    1. ada di body shop emma ☺️ dulu murah sikit. now dah naik price huhu like rm60 something. but sangat banya and boleh tahan like setahun? hahaha


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