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Hey ho everyone :*

Topic for today is all about KOPFTUCH which is pronounced as "KOP-F-TUKH"
which means headscarf in German language. I created this with my cute friend named Aida Aliah. Kami still baru lagi.

To be honest.. I really really want to have my own hijab brand or apa apa lagi brand which made by myself. Sebab dia punya happy tu lain macam. It has been a week and few days our online shop ni on air. sudi sudi la support kami kayyy di sini --------->  Kopftuch's instagram!

so far ada 4 colours je.. chiffon shawl and satin silk shawl. plus! sangat wide! hehe its 2m x 0.7m wide and length. sebab boleh tutup chest and bahagian belakang juga. So far as I wear it for a few times, sangat comfy (bukan nak promote) and not so see-through. hope that yguys berminat untuk follow and support us :*

besides.. kita ada buat some tutorials untuk youguys menggayakan kopftuch's shawl :*

some of collections that we have :)

and some tutorials!

do follow us on instagram and support us

thank you semua :D ich liebe alle <3


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