People come and go


Hye everyone :)

Today's title might be sounds cliche, but anyways.. I am gonna write about it.

Day by day, years by years, made me realized Im getting older (eventho I am only 20) but hey.. Ive met so many people all around the places where Ive been. Good memories, bad memories.. Ive faced them, too.

Friends, Families.. they come and go. right?
I know that orang cakap memutuskan silaturrahim antara saudara sesama Islam tu tak elok.. but I realized somehow its not about putus silaturrahim. But people go. they fade away slowly as they want it to be. To be honest.. I do that, too.


because I am afraid pisang berbuah dua kali. I feel uncomfortable when people dont understand me dah as usual. People somehow need to know that me, or maybe themselves change without kita perasan pun. Well those are my reason why do I choose to fade away from people.

My friend says that
"we only befriended with those who we always meet"

true kan?
But somehow I still have some friends yang jumpa setahun sekali pun bercerita bagai nak rak like we meet them everyday. I call these people is, understanding peeps.. or jenis yang satu kepala macamtu.
I always keep to myself.. eventho I am slowly fading away from the people that have been bad to me or made me unhappy, still if they meet me or talk to me.. I will treat them nicely. (ok nana? good *bermonolog*)

I thought that people do come and go and happens between friends only. But so do family :( this one sadden me a bit. *sigh
We are all human though.. everyone made mistakes, everyone changes, but no matter what.. its us who made the decisions. We have the power to choose whats good and whats bad. Be wise.

This might be a really random post. well its just my feelings. Hope that better days will come ahead. thanks for reading people :*

lets clear our mind. by watching this. indahnya ciptaan tuhan :D


Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. memang pun.. dalam 100 people belum tentu all these 100 people will stay.
    some hanya touch n go.. if we can serve what they want from us.. mmg akan stay..
    other than that jangan harap they will stay by our side..


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