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Hye everyone. how are you guys doing?
Hope that you guys are doin well :)

Okay so! now I nak share with you guys about this one place yang sesuai untuk hangout and lepak and dinner. The name is Gobox Concept (or I panggil gobox je) which is located di tengah tengah city of KL. Boleh waze je if nak pergi sana and so far I've been there tiga kali dah and takda masalah pun nak park cuz ada orang jaga parking kat situ. RM 3 per park.

Okay actually dah lama tak review kedai makan and all.. but this Gobox is seriously one of the
chill-est to lepak and dinner.

Concept dia macam box shoplot yang ada banyak shops kat tingkat atas .. some of yang I ingat dekat tingkat atas tu ada manicure pedicure punya shop, ada kedai gunting rambut (for ladies if I am not mistaken) and ada kedai runcit and some more kedai *but I tak ingat. 

And ground floor dia ada variety of food and beverage stalls (?) or shop yang jual macam macam jenis food. Macam food court tapi more in a tumblr/hipster way. So ofcourse la cantik kann? Haha

Food yang I pernah try

Ada churros ! (my fav :*)
/ chicken drummet and wings macam tu (pun sedapz)
/ Pizza (quite good but a bit pricey?)
/ asam pedas ikan pari with nasi (sedapp and price affordable) .

And the interesting part of Gobox is dia punya beverage sangat cool. Contoh nya like teh tarik and milk green tea dia di serve dalam cara yang sangat trendy (ahahha padahal full of buih je) and they even have like tower tank untuk air. (I dont have the picture but hope you guys boleh imagine)

So tower tank ni biasanya orang order and minum like ramai ramai sekali gus so you guys just topup sendiri je la kat meja korang. *macam kat orang kawin tu.. but you ada your own bekas air tu* get it?

Plus ada one stall for drinks jugak nama dia Malibu, serious concept dia membuatkan Iols teringat kat Bali. Ive tried once the pina colada (its like coconut drink mixed with pineapple.. macam ice blended gitchew) and it tasted really good!

What can I say.. what is more better than a good tumblr picture worthy place with a good food kan?
So its a really nice and cosy place la to lepak.

Oh about how to pay.. dia macam food court. You order from the stalls and collect the receipt.. pastu bayar kat counter cashier dekat entrance and give the receipts back to the stalls yang you order tu.

Gobox ni bukak petang at 6pm- 2am. Customers agak ramai laa but if you come like 8pm -9pm macamtu belum start crowded lagi. So kalau nak hangout ramai ramai better you come early laa. kalau datang at 10pm macam tu takut takda seat je.

For Gobox Concept KL , I bagi

4/5 stars! 
(overall for the food and the enviroment)

Andd.... finally here are the pictures yang I sempat snap sebelum all the food kena makan.

Cool and Cosy
Gobox Concept KL

(model tak berbayar : Alif)

Told ya the place is cool ~!!

thats all for this post !

Tchus :*

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