Daydreaming #2

Girl: "I have an imperfect body. No one ever look at me " ;
Boy: "I like to look at her from far, she looks shy. Well thats cute :) "

Boy: "She will never understands me, all she know is to talk nonstop";
Girl: "I shouldnt stop talking, just to keep him less bored. He could be happy if i keep talking :)"

Girl: "I am fat /too thin no ones gonna like me. Ugh lifeless"
Boy: "oh yeah and what the hell am i doing here being your boyfriend" (in his mind)

Boy: "I should keep quite so this argument will finish as fast as possible"
Girl: "why arent you replying me? You hate me right? I should die now!"

Girl: "how do i look today ?"
Boy: "perfect, perfect for me :) "

We got these conversation, maybe not the exact but almost. Where both have that good and not good. Experience the life, experience the love, "manners makes a man" .k tipu je ni ayat dlm cerita kingsman :'D 

Berangan, finnito- tchus!

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Best kan cerita Kingsman? Esp part kepala meletup hahaha

    1. Best gila! Hahaha and part train nak langgar, part dia guna umbrella to tarik cawan kena kat kepala, semua part lah :'D

  2. nak tengok movie kingsman la... T^T
    semua kata best. :3


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