My Melody #2


Hey guys! Im so bored now and baru habis karaoke-ed few "good old time songs" that I think yguys shoud hear em too! (karoke thru youtube je)

One of it is by 'The Academy is..." . Have any of you heard of this band?
the title of the songs is 'about a girl'
Lagu dia fun and I like the singers' voice. Ada orang cakap dia macam gay laa, keding laa.. but who cares :p he produced good music here anyway. Bebudak zaman zaman sekarang dah kureng dah kot layan lagu lagu macam ni.. cuz me myself pun terlayan sama One D, 5sos and so on tu :3
But never forget this. ~ About a girl (by The Academy is..)
ok kalau suka cakap yayy! kalau tak suka korang simpan dalam hati  ok :p

Another song is by Demi Lovato. Siapa je tak kenal demi kan? Lately ni lagu dia semua like terribly awesome but suits with her now. I mean dia yang dewasa. The song that I am gonna tell youguys is an old song juga, sebab it has existed few years ago (masa demi teenagers lagi) . The song is "Thats how you know". For those yang layan movie 'Enchanted-Disney' yang amy adams act fairytales tu ; yep, this song is the ost for the movie. Tapi in a rock-er version.

Rock ke tak rock ke, the lyrics tu yang attract me to love the song. So if you guys check this song out, make sure hayati ok, Lebih lebih lagi yang tengah kena friend zone dengan kawan lelaki ke :') stay strong and love the song okay! hahaha

Oh and a #fact here , Demi Lovato's best celebrity crush is the singer of "The Academy is.. band" .What I can say here is, no wonder both of em are awesome bcuz demi is a big fan of that guy and..(get the point?) erm, okay I had enough to merapu.
well the picture pun gambo lama. :p

Tu je for this entry :)

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. siapa yang peduli dia guy ke apa.Yang penting produk dia kan..hehehe

    1. hahaha gay le sayang oi :'D yep he rocks!

  2. yg atas tu x pernah dgr kot. sy slalu gak layan lagu lama. baru2 ni ada jumpa lagu 'superstar' . masa kecik2 kalau x silap femes, tp x pernah nk bother pon title dia. hehe. btw, demi lovato ni comel ^_^

    1. Ahahaha kemain tau lagu superstar, ingat kan layan bieber je >.< yep demi ni cute kan! akak suka gila dia

  3. Replies
    1. Omg finally someone says it good! :'D i love the song !


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