Hello everyone. yes I know. cliche. Kingsman. Mainstream. gonna post this anyway tak kira. :p

This was the first photo yang I searched in google when I heard of kingsman. That time, I was not so interested sebab nampak poster dia pun macam ala ala jamesbond lawan lawan camtu. The type that "am not looking forward" to watch , movie.
But yep, at last I did watch and I also dont know why meh :')

I would rate 8/10? haha banyak en?
Cuz for me, the movie was awesome and a must watch movie. Sinopsis?

cerita sikit je eh.. nanti tak suprise lah if yguys nak tengok.

emmm.... It is all about the secret agent. but more to teen punya movies so sesuai lah untuk age macam I but! 18 and above je . hehehe

One thing that I like about this movie because there is no wasting of time punya scene. You know like , scene yang hero dia terlampau lurus bendul tak boleh fikir logic ke or kena pukul buat bodoh ke sebab cerita dia macam humorous yet very the 'licik' movie. (ok merapu)
Oh and dia punya character sangat natural lagi lagi hero dia cuz he is not trying to be handsome like. tak control which make me feel comfortable to watch. yep he is not trying. and watak watak dia semua kena .

Malas nak bebel panjang.. just go and watch it okay :D !

Eggsy is waiting for yguys to watch him  act! what are you waiting for? go watch.

Posted by Nur Farhana


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