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and hello!

Well, here is a story. A long time ago story when I was 11. I guess?
I found it memorable because I can still remember em clearly eventho it happened years ago.
I was on holiday with my family, and we went to the waterworld Shah Alam. (fuhh good old memories :'D) a place where Ayah used to bring us there but not anymore (I also dont know why dont ask heheh) cuz now I am old enough to play those kiddos thanggg!

Okay I am not gonna tell you guys bout the whole story, its too detail and lets skip to the part when I was already in the waterpark, in the pool, surrounded by lots of excited people. theyre excited to play with the water ofcourse. :p Me and some of my family members were sitting together at a corner of the pool while my brother and my father went to the slides. I was wondering that maybe I should join them cuz that thing looked very interesting (the slide only meh-.-) and out of sudden! I was lost. You know, a little kid like me! cute! goodgirl! then I was lost. how sad was I at that time. It felt like I was so tiny people cannot see me :'(

So what do i do? I searched for my family. But when I went back to the place at the corner where my family were. and........... theyre not there. (I was like. how could this happen to me~~~ I made a mistake~~~ theres no where to run~~~~ stop singing) yep theres no where to run. All i need to do at that time was. search for em. Yeah yknow, a lil cute girl like me always scared when I am alone. I am scared if people grabbed my hand and kidnap me. That was my biggest fear. Thus, what I can do to cover myself from peeps to show that I am not alone.... is

Yep , I pretended like I was happy. "SMILE AS BIG AS YOU CAN FARHANA, ACT LIKE YOURE NOT LOST" .. my heart whispered. Then I saw a family near by me, I got closer to that family and pretended like I am playing with them without they noticed me. (weird? weird. I just have too, "darurat" is what people call it) Yknow. pretending to be happy is hard when youre actually sad/lost/scared and all..

after 5 minutes later,

I began to cry. Slowly, my eyes were full of tears and I cried a lot. But no one saw me! haha because I was in the pool. I dip my face in the water and pretend like the tears were the water. (got me? good). But I realized that people started to stare at me . I bet its because my eyes are turning red. same goes as my nose. UGHH. I couldnt cover myself anymore.. I was crying a lot (inside the water, still wanted to cover myself haha) and kept strolling around at that area. cry cry and cry.. until then... I heard a familiar voices were laughing and when I turned, Its my Family!

They looked just fine. like nothing happened. I was shocked because, I was lost in 7 minutes, and no one were searching for me!? (pity cute girl like me isnt it? sigh* hahahaha) .AGAIN! I also pretend like nothing happened mehh~ I laugh and play with my family. like nothing ever happened. OK.

Then otw back, in the car.. I told my father that I was lost at the pool. and my father said "dont you worry dont you worry child~~" no. my father didnt say that. He said, he didnt think that I was lost, because he saw me playing with a family. He thought that I was being friendly to people where I WAS ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT I WAS LOST.

oh yeah. thats how I smile to hide a cry. :)
*smile with my special adorable bunny front teeth*

This story is for the nuffnang blog contest about your most memorable story in which you managed to escape an embarrassing moment/crisis with a bright smile.”

And since I smile a lot at that moment, thats why I chose to write one :D

      Thanks for reading. :* harse (weird laugh)

Posted by Nur Farhana


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