Daydreaming #1

"Have you ever look at someone that you love does something small like
when they were driving or laughing while you just smile 
because you really love the moment..

Have you ever realize someone that was nobody to you,
has become someone really special to you 
till you feel like do not ever wanna lose them..

Have you ever believe that love actually lasts forever? 
Have you ever wonder? 

Sometimes, when you were busy on someone or something that you like, 
You forgot, that there is someone who actually waits for you
Then you keep saying. No one wants me. 
What is that? 

I know its all about faith. 
How about by putting some efforts. (?)
Do not give up. "

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Does love really last forever? Saya teringin nak tahu ni

    1. Well i believe its true IF we take care of it. Its all about how many effort yang kita buat. Tuhan itu maha adil :D love ni macam rezeki jugak. Pandai cari rezeki, dapat lah.

    2. Pada pendapat saya lah hehe

  2. farhana pandai speaking :-)


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