16 February 2015

GA Subkontest HASRULHASSAN.COM Best Blog 2015


Jom Sertai GA dan Subkontest HASRULHASSAN.COM Malaysia Best Blog 2015 - Menang Hadiah Gratis dari Bandung, Indonesia.

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 Fyi, This is actually my first giveaway and subcontest ever dekat internet ni. Saja give a try. Bila giveaway ni ada and hadiah dia from Bandung.. teringat pula dulu I went there with my family. It is  a really great place  to visit, especially the zoo. I forgot what the zoo's name but we managed to just naik van and binatang semua datang kat tingkap kereta. (except for ghimo and singa- sampai kat bahagian dorg terus kena tutup tingkap). okay berlebih pulak teringat nya :p

 Am really hope to be the lucky one! wish me luck hihi

 Posted by Nur Farhana

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