So I was a salesgirl di sebuah kedai tudung


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I suddenly rasa nak tulis pasal tajuk ni since last wednesday, me and my dearly roommates talked *gossiped* about what happened the day before.

One of my roommate , Kak Fizah, told us that she went to a boutique.. and tengah pilih pilih baju, boleh pula tokey kedai tanya dia.. "Awak pekerja sini ke?" .. yess maybe because kedai tu tengah sale gila gila sampai tokey kedai pun tak tau nak beza siapa pekerja, siapa customer but the main point is.. when Kak Fizah said.. "eh tak.. bukan pekerja." and the tokey be like.. muka tak senyum and no sorry. As a customer, who looks high to that tokey terus macam erk.. why didnt she say sorry.. umm bersangka baik je lah.. maybe she was serabut.

Another story is about a friend of mine, too.. My friend was at a restaurant and baru lepas cuci tangan before makan.. on the way to the meja.. then suddenly this one brotherr called my friend and asked for order.  My Friend was shocked and said no I am no the waiter and that bro buat selenga and ignored my friend. At the same time.. my friend felt like.. menyirap.

And this one happens to my brother when we were at kenduri orang kawin. While beratur nak ambil nasi.. tetiba ada makcik came and complain kat my brother (maybe because he is wearing plain tshirt,) "lauk dah habis ni.." and macam marah marah my brother. Obviously the makcik is related to the pengantin since she pakai baju macam boria same like other family members of the pengantin. My Brother said "Saya tetamu" and makcik tu tak puas hati.. still wanna say that he is the worker tukar tukar lauk tu.. siap macam nak emo.. and then only she realized that she was wrong. and blah like nothing happen. No sorry at all..

Well it happened to me ,too . when I was busy choosing tudung at Vietnam until this one aunty Singapore asked me "Awak pekerja sini ke or awak customer?" .. and she smiled.. I smiled to her back and said.. "Saya orang Malaysia la aunty.. customer macam aunty jugak" .. and she said "laa sorry .. hehe.. mana aunty tau.. muka putih putih macam vietnamese haa"  andd we ended up pilih tudung sama sama.

So basically here, I just wanna say that... all of the stories above have the same situation where people just directly asked the wrong person. But there are still ways for you to make the situation to become better.

Its like, the tokey kedai, the brother at the restaurant and the makcik boria.. yes, they made mistakes. Everyone made mistakes tho.. But they can cure the feeling of others *yang tetiba terkejut kena attack pastu rupanya salah orang*. They should not become kerek ke, nak emo ke, or ignore someone after they make their mistake. It is easy to speak that one magic word. Just say sorry. Or maybe you can just smile and atleast feel guilty.

Take that aunty Singapore as example. She wasnt sure if I am the salesgirl or not but after she guessed me wrongly.. she said sorry. Well atleast she doesnt makes me feel awkward and annoyed with her.

I know this post might be a lil bit long *yes it is long* but peeps..
There is always a way to make others feel better. You just dont have to be greedy.

Jangan kedekut to say sorry, Jangan kedekut with your smiles :)  and sebelum tegur orang tu, tengok dulu orang sekeliling. hokay?

nahh smile from a 'vietnam' girl and her friend. Aida bots

thanks for reading :*
semoga bermanfaat

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  1. mungkin dorang malu lepas salah orang. hahahhaa
    u right, memang patut mintak maaf bila buat salah camtu :D

    1. yepp maybe tu pun one of the way dorang nak cover malu kann :")

  2. Haha.. xpenah lak kena. Mujurla.kiki tp kalau org tanya " awk tuan kedai ni ke?" Huhu msti lain reaksinye kan

    1. tuan kedai tu boleh laa proud sikit >.< hehehe

  3. Susah sgt nak say sorry tu. kalau sebut kena denda kut. Pernah jugak kena mcm ni. And dorang mmg tak say sorry then terus blah. Tahpape

    1. kann maybe termalu kot. hope they took it as a lesson :')

  4. the makcik at kenduri kahwin is so rude

    1. yes.. sangat. I was infront of my brother. Bengang je kitorg dua masa tu ahaha. sabo je laa

  5. panjangyaa entry, haha....Tu lah manusia ni kadang2 bila dah buat salah, diorang berat je mulut tu nak mintak maaf, ego punya pasal ... asalkan kita boleh amik pengajaran dari diorang & be a better person, take it positively :)

    1. true, insyaAllah a lesson for us too . semua orang pun buat mistakes kann.. sorry laa kalau panjang sangat nak kena baca :')


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