5 things when being a dropshipper


So here I would like to share with all of you about something simple but some people might dont know or salah paham on what is a dropshipper actually.

Yes, I am one of the Dropshipper :)

Droshipper is a job for those who dont even need to have the item's stocks with them (we call the stock holder as stockist) while dropshipper hanyalah sebagai medium for customer untuk comunicate and the dropshipper will be responsible to transfer the information to the supplier .. haaa gitew. boleh paham? Simple sangat en?

Dah beberapa bulan lah jugak Ive started to become one. And Alhamdulillah, learned about so many things and still learning to be a better dropshipper . insyaAllah.

It was all started sebab kengkonon Iols nak cari duit poket. I dont know, I just feel like, best bila guna duit sendiri instead of using duit yang ayah and ibu bagi. Besides, saja je nak isi masa lapang (padahal busy selalu). and............ experience. Yep, to get experience. Lastly, of course.. I will get money :)

Well to be honest, It was not the experience yang I seek for but somehow being a dropshipper gives me a lot of experience.
So being a dropshipper got me like..

1. To have a responsibility:

Selain daripada being a student, and a good child to my parents *good kew? sobs :') *, to treat my customers well through online social media and whatsapp are important, too. Yep, It is my job untuk makesure that the order from the customer tak salah, untuk transfer the money, and update the tracking numbers, update the latest items yang available and whats not.  Plus, to sampaikan order dengan betul to supplier. It might sounds easyy but..yeahh. all about responsibility :)

pernah sekali I have ordered the wrong batch and my customer received tudung warna lain.. luckily my customer ni sangat baik and sudi hantar balik barang kat supplier. And! It is my responsibility to not repeating the same mistake and say sorry to her :'D rezeki alhamdulillah customer tak banyak yang demand sangat.. tp adalah beberapa .huhu.

2. To practice on being polite:

So, Ive learnt on how to be very polite especiallyy with strangers. Before, I tak pernah pun kisah pasal strangers (ye la bila je pun nak ber 'dear' 'cik' bagai..sbb tak selalu communicate dengan strangers through whatsapp) until they become my customer. Serious I have to layan them baik baik sangat beacuse yeahh, they are our customers. Even sometimes when the customers are quite friendly, I made them feel even more confident to buy the barang and ada yang dah jadi regular customers dah. Sebab kita layan dia macam friends and family. But still kena put limits lah. Kang customers ambil kesempatan. cuz yknow.. we are not the boss. The suppliers are.

3. Be fast:

We dont want our customer to run away kann.. So Early birds get the worms lah guys. sometimes, subuh subuh customer whatsapp.. yeah since I am just a dropshipper, tak letak limit time pun for people to ask me and so on. And rezeki di pagi hari, kadang kadang time subuh tu laa jugak customer semangat terus transfer duit online. We, too, need to be fast untuk update dekat suppliers, and update dekat customers. Jangan biar hanging je .. nanti kang customer bosan.. tak jadi beli and malas dah nak berurusan dengan kita.

4. Be honest (waahh mcm dalam cintan cintun pulak)

Sometimes kita kalau boleh tanak bagitau if the customers order ada problems ke apa ke and we are afraid to tell the customers about the suppliers punya mistake ke.. *contoh.. And we tend to be like... camana nak reply ni.. (this is me before). So jangan takut takut.. If its our fault, tell the customers. If its our suppliers punya fault pun tell the customers. So that customers tau what should they do.. tukar barang ke.. or wait for another batch ke.. pape pun let them know. Jangan nanti kang customer dapat barang tak best, lagi lah tak okay jadi nya.

but somehow ada je yang customers macam "saya tak kira saya nak jugak.." and we actually cant make it because of some reasons.. just tell them, sorry, we cannot do it. We know what is our kebolehan kann.. kalau tak mampu nak settle cakap bebetul.

5. Stay positive! and rajin update

Yasss! The most important thing. You know , sometimes I felt like.. eh kenapa takda orang order ni.. ish gelisah la bagai laa , just think. InsyaAllah, ada orang akan order. just sabar a bit. Ada je rakan dropshipper I yang privately whatsapp me and ask, "ada orang order dari awak tak? saya tak da laa .. huhu" kita pun nak cakap apa .. betul tak? just say, insyaAllah nanti ada rezeki.. sabar sikit je.

Oh and kena lah rajin update. Bila stock baru masuk, update cecepat. and kalau orang comment kat igshop ke , pm thru facebook or what.. just keep updating. So that its easy for our customers to browse and contact us. Update, means update dengan supplier juga.

Just assume as we are the customers yang nak beli barang tu, so that we are keen to know more. right? sooo rajin update! wajib.

my very own dropship acc and preloved acc :*

aha so that marks the end of this entry! for those yang nak jadi dropshipper jugak boleh lah jadi and hope this helps :* yang penting pandai manage masa and manage diri. InsyaAllah.

Posted by Nur Farhana


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