Procrastinating at my best!


to procrastinate might sound like a negative thing but I think it could be a good thing if I do it with all my best. What I do while procrastinating are

Listen to songs and sing along! 

Yeah I do this a lot even when I am not procrastinating. I kareoke through youtubes video. No need to go to red box meh, just wear earphone and sing!

Whenever I do this, I realized that it was a good thing and not bad at all. Yaa I was wasting my time but it can help me due to my stress like so many stress are coming so I need to calm myself by singing. Even if I don't wanna sing, listening to beautiful lyrics is good though. It feels like. I am not being lazy for nothing. I know, awesome.

Talk to my friend or family

Did you know that while procrastinating and you decide to whatsapp or call your friend or family is actually a really good thing!? I do this when I am fed up with my works and start procrastinate. And at the same time, I am strengthen the bond/relationships with people around me :D

This makes me happier!


To be honest, I have used my 'Baucar Buku' just to buy some novels and painting stuffs. So whenever I don't feel like finishing my assignments, I paint :3

I am not a professional artist or painter or whatsoever.  But by seeing the product of my painting after I finished colouring is just a heartwarming. Yes I do love my paintings even sometimes I ruined them uhuks.

Sleep tightly 

I love sleep. Who doesn't? Yaa I know even sometimes I feel bad when I slept too long or woke up late on the next morning. But atleast I could forget those little things and run away from the tiredness that I had.

When I have tons of works, but did not have the feelings to get them done.. why should I? Unless if the due is on the next morning (nak mati ke apa weh) haha .

Yass! So those are the things I do best while procrastinating :)
somehow, wasting time should not be done by doing nothing. Atleast do something good ;'p

so this is the girl who does her procrastinate s activities at her best. yay

p/s: asal tak tenung dinding sejam sudah. takda life betul tu

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. omg the p/s thingy macam menghina people like me pulak, since I do that a lot :D
    procrastinating is good till the point you realize that you've been procrastinating and are left with lotsa stuff to do.. lol

    1. alaaaa jangan lah tenung dinding sejam awak :'D sorry I didnt meant too its a joke ahahaha. Yezza! Without we even realized.. those procrastinate activities are suprisingly good things to do hehe


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