Happy 2 years old frauananas.blogspot.com


this gonna be a very short post but the very meaningful one. Tomorrow I got test at 8 a.m but I dont care.. I must post this entry since my blog is officially 2 years old! Alhamdulillah. may I will update more interesting entries to share with all of you guys.

And one more good news is ,

I got 200 followers and its 2 years old! :'D
well, I guess 2 is a lucky number for this month for me and for this blog. Aha . Thank you so much again :*

Frauananas mit Ihre Ananas :D *throwback with one of the earliest profile picture in this blog ,once upon a time*

thats all for tonight! and yesss .. do wait for the giveaways. cuz my answer is YAY !

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