I am back! ft. Shearasol's Relove Our Preloves


Hye everyone. Like it has been a while since I've posted entries last year. 2015. AND NOW DAH MAY 2016. huhu I didnt even write anything to wish a very happy new year to everyone. sobs*

okay . I am so happy jugak sebab line hotspot dekat UPM ni dah improved! No more u-sipot or whatever but theres a hotspot yang sangat lah laju. So mudah lah sikit nak menulis blog.
Bila buka blog, first thing yang tetiba rasa macam nak renovate (whut? renovate? ingat rumah ke apa nak renovate) make a change ... em pape je lah the word is. Yeah. dah tukar header to something pretty! Tak kisah lah yguys think its pretty or not. well I think its pretty. hehe

Moving on,
This gonna be a very short post (dari tadi tak habis habis membebel).
I am 21 now so I am gonna be someone better, my azam tahun ni *tetiba.
And I am gonna learn how to berjimat, menabung and jaga badan. lewlz random sangat. haha.
but true.
Those are my aims. So shoot for it nana!
and one of the way is.. Im truly gonna join for Shearasol "Relove Our Preloves" event. (is it an event? or ..) ahah its like Shea and her friends gonna sell/let go of their preloves .

Well I do sell preloves too but its them!? Like there is also gonna be Maria, MARIA ELENA , my fav  girl/woman ever. Even Nadrah is so cute *out of topic. but yep. Its tomorrow.. here is a lil bit of sneak peek.. nah

yeah, from the gambar itself kita semua boleh tau yang they are sooo fashion-voguedevazz-able and very up to date. Sometime theyre not that up to date but just wear anything without hesitating and unique and! still look good on them. I am really excited for tomorrow. Nak datang awal , and its in Bangi, so dekat dengan UPM. Their preloves items gonna be cheap, so I will grab some tomorrow.

and why is this related to my 2016 wish? It is shopping, but shopping good items with a cheap price is considered as jimat jugak kan? ahaha

anyways. Hye to the  earthlings back . again :'p and yguys gonna see me write more. InsyaAllah. tests are around the corner! wish me luck dan doakan saya ya :D


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