#NNPremiereScreening 2 (Nuffnang Premiere Screening)


Hye everyone :D

Today Im gonna talk about the Nuffnang Premiere Screening as you can see from the title above. \

Guess what??!

I got the tickets! Alhamdulilah *criesss* <-- nangis tipu.
Actually it was kinda last minute for me to join the contest because I am not very active in Dayre.me acc. So I am afraid how if I joined the contest but no one ever realize that I actually have a dayre acc. sigh kan?

Anyways, I joined the contest and syukur rezeki nak dapat tiket free lagi time time sem break cenggini .. harse * gelak tah pape*

And AGAIN.... it was my luck tadi. Ive actually received an email from Nuffnang about this Premiere Screening thangg dua hari lepas and I just found out about it tadi. Because I never thought that the result will be on weekdays sebab untuk Nuffnang Premiere Screening Demonic dulu results dapat on weekends. So I didnt expect pun dapat two days ago.

Im like

" Eh ni apebenda kat social banyak sangat ni (benda dalam gmail tuu..and.. )"
I checked one by one... pastu
" Aaaaaaaa dapat tiket yesss! :'DDDD "

pastu dalam kepala otak cepat cepat tgok RSVP dia bila due date. Its todayyy! ye lahh benda dua hari dah dalam email tu kann. Luckily due date nya before 5pm - 7th of August. Terus iols cepat cepat reply. :')

Ni lah email yang dah dapat two days ago tapi eden baru perasan. lewlz

okay sesapa yang pergi juga jumpa di sana! hehe

and lastly, for those yang joined contest but tak tau results lagi, better buka email memasing. nanti jadi cam saya. kalau terlambat.. melepass free tiket. :')
thats all!


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