5 August 2015

Naila co facemask and body scrub ! #frauananasreview


Hye peeps ;*

I would like to make a review, again... about facemask and scrub! :D
But dari brand yang lain lah.. Last time punya from bodyshop... and .....
this time!

From an Insta shop, called Naila co, @naila_co  <------ this is the instagram
To be honest Im feeling so happy to get the chance to try the product from Naila co, becuzzz omjayh the products sangat lah interesting and packaging dia ala ala tumblr :') wanna see? ni dia hehehe

one body scrub and one face mask (green tea)

owner Naila co ni sangat baik hati and I need to choose one face mask since dia ada 4 types of face mask. Satgi I cerita kat yguys okay...

 #frauananasrewiew begins 

So now, I will review the first product which is ...


nah cantikkan Iolls ambik gambar.. tak curi google pun ihiks :*

Naila Body Scrub ni sangat effective to all type of skins lebih lebih lagi for those problem punya skin. For examples like : Jerawat, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Parut, Eczema, Bintik hitam and kulit kering. Baguss kan?!

so here are the ingredients: 

it contains:  Coffee beans / Grape seed oil / Extra virgin Olive oil / Honey / Himalayan Salts / Brown sugar.

and directions dia senang ngek.. just  1. ambil scrub tu secukupnya and massage gently on your wet face.
2. Tunggu like few minutes untuk bagi scrub tu serap dalam kulit,
3. Then basuh! slow slow basuh.. jangan ganas ganas . Rosak muka tu kang .. haaa :>
4. Use it twice a week okiess :D untuk hasil yang lebih thorbaeksz. 

Ni laa rupanya bila scrub tu di bawa keluar from the package. 
and me wearing this! ehehehe putih glowing pula gigi ku :') sebab muka nampak macam dark choc. hahahaa 

btw, Ive tasted a little the product, sedapppp hahaha . okay no. benda ni bukan untuk di makan.. ni untuk muka so dont eat kayz hihihi.
and after wearing it muka terasa lembut. hehehe ok ok baru first time..

and ! Im gonna make a review AGAIN... after 2 weeks okies? :D
not only for face since its a body scrub. so satu badan boleh inlcuding the lips. Boleh buat lips scrub!

first day wearing it.. eheh. tu parut jerawat bawah dagu tu baru wujud harini. kita tggu next week . ada lagi ke idok.



Okies, this one Green Tea punya face mask.

A deep cleansing mask, packed with full antioxidants and minerals. Buang sel sel mati, tightens pores, brighten skin complexion and bagi muka glowing glowing gitcheww.

For your information, ada 4 lagi jenis face mask from Naila co,

but I chose Green tea since I like green tea! hehehe besides, dia ada benefits dia
which are : For Restoring skin / Elasticity aging and wrinkles (tak tua lagi pun still can use it what)  / Keeping skin soft and smooth.

another three are Rose - Chamomile - Jasmine. if nak tengok boleh lah follow Naila co in Instagram :)

How to apply?
ada instructions juga.. since dia macam powder  macam tu

1. Mix kan 2 tablespoon powder mask ni.. dengan satu table spoon coldwater.
2. Then apply clay green tea mask pada muka and biar dalam 15-20 minutes.
3. Bila dah kering, then peel off the mask.
4. Bilas muka and kering kan muka guna clean towel hokeh.

Use it twice a week  same as the body scrub. okies done!

thats all for this review :* hope yguys like it :D  and wait for another two weeks to see hows the hasil okayzzz


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