Kopftuch Hijab Giveaway di instagram !


Hye peepalss!

Just a short post heheh.. nak bagitau yang my online shop , Kopftuch ada buat first giveaway :D sudi sudi lah join cuz mana tau rezeki youguys dapat wideshawl dari kami. hehe click for terms and conditions and for sesapa nak  join :*

And soon, Me and my friend will add up more colours in our collection. yang pasti tudung tu sangat besar , 2m x 0.7m
teaser colour baru sikit hehehe

tell me you like the colours please? haha okay lah kata pun short post. sudi sudi lah jenguk ya :*

 thats all


Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Love the colors! Cantikk gilaaa!

  2. wah mcm best je ni. hihi Tapi, sy mmg private ig T^T Good luck for your 1st GA. Sorry takdpt nk join



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