How to cure a heart


Hye everyone..

Today has been a long day. Since I need to be a fulltime baby-sitter at home, being a driver as well for my lil siblings. Well it is not like I am not used to it. I have always done this type of job. I think.. that is not the matter. The main thing that I would like to focus here is about my heart.

Long day, same routine and an uncomfortable heart.

To face those are the hard things for me. Okay stop bebel-ing farhana.
Lately I have a problem with people. With myself too, I ve become impatient and all. If I have anything to say I just say it straight.. direct to the face of the person that I have a problem with.
Then it made me realize.. how does it feels if someone did the same to me, too. Im gonna slap that person terus kot. or maybe stop being her/his friend. How mean can I be? sad but truth.

Anyway.. lets stop here. and I really hope that I can change slowly.. maybe by just ignoring those who made me feel uncomfortable or mad or dissapointed. Just live my life and forgive them maybe. Yep forgive them is the best thing to do yet could cure my heart a bit. ( I feel guilty somehow I also dont know why.)

*message for today, for myself is.. before you sleep, forgive others. and sleep with smile. oh not to forget to pray to Allah :'0

 :) this would cure my heart :)

p/s: sorry if my post is very not the understandable (ayat merapu)
let it be.. the good ones is from Allah while the bad comes from tiny me,
goodnight peeps, Assalammualaikum.


Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Normal la tu at some point maybe kita ter macam tu. hehe. Kira lucky jugak taw you sedar. Yg lain tu smpai sekrang ni tak sedar2 lagi. hahha.

    Followed youu dear! :)

    1. awwh thanks for your wise word :') semoga berubah jadi lebih baik lah kehendak Nya :* hihi

  2. weyh, panda comel sangat tuuuu

  3. nice entry.. truly from your heart....

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