How do I become a Churpers?


Hey there guys :)

Now I would like to share tyou guys about how do I join this Churp Churp Malaysia :)
It all started macam ni.. theres one day I buka email check check segala hapa yang di received.. and there you go! From Churp Churp.

Ive registered since years ago, sampai tak ingat bila. But you know dulu dulu I was a N(oob)ewbies dalam dunia social medias and blogs and stuffs. So tak tau asal like a week ago I decided to start balik dengan benda ni. Guess what, I just knew about Churp Churp yang its like Nuffnang but nuffnang is for bloggers while Churp Churp more to social medias like twitter, facebook and Instagram.

Moreover I like this Churp Churp sebab nya ads yang boleh di share sangat interesting for example last time theres an ads pasal Vaseline Spray lotion tau.. and before share benda tu to others, I decided to check it out what is it all about, and I did click dekat banner nya. Last last Im the one who is attracted dengan ads tu. (lewlsz sangat :3)

for those who already knows how churp churp looks like then its okay, but


haaa ni dia hehe I would like to share some pictures :*

see! ada some countries that have churp churp too :* it is not rare . heheh

there are also some blog, its like to know updates from Churp churp

This one, we call it as Rewards.. for us to get the links to share on our social medias. easy peasyy kayyz

and those famous people who joined churp churp.. or also called as Alphas. some of em even are Celebrities! I just knew it. *sadlyfe*

Well I found it interesting and how bout you? Despite dengan nuffnang  why not if  join churp churp too right?

p/s : Im going to the upcoming event in KL Live, later I will update about it. Whos  going too? raise your hand! :3

that is all!

tchus :*

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. event kat KL live to yang KA$H launching ke?
    akak ada rsvp tapi belum ada feedback apa2..
    farhana dah dapat invitation ke?

    1. Wassalam akak, na ada dapat email confirmation from churp churp. harinu baru dapat. 😊

    2. oh ye ke...
      akak rsvp via ikan nuff bukan churp2...
      tunggu je lah kot.. :)

  2. hazy ada jugak churp-churp >.<
    tapi kekadang malas jugaklah. hehee


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