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Hye everyone! Alhamdulillah it has been the third day of Ramadhan in 2017. Pheww, sekejap je masa berlalu.

Anyway, lets talk about bag! and something to do with  ZALORA. (click here to get shortcut to Zalora's website)

So far, from my very own opinion. I really like the concept of Zalora website. Sangat kemas and easy for me to search for the items that I like. The item yang I like to search is BAG! or more specific, SLING BAG.

Why do I like Sling bags? Cuz tali dia panjang and senang nak bawa ke mana mana. Tak perlu nak jinjit, just letak kat bahu or sling kan je kat badan. Lepas tu senang la nak buat keje when the bag stick to us already. Yes.. thats what I like it ;)

Okay, down here are bags that me and my sister bought (at diff times actually) and we like it.

diz iz mine. Hehe got from Zalora last year and until now still solid and material maintain. The brand is 'something borrowed' which I think is quite well- known, too. Well I loveee this bag ! so much. 

and this one is my sissy's. Brand from ZALORA and material not bad! She likes it too cuz got many compartments in it. hihi

What I like is, the price of the bags in Zalora is quite affordable. And the design!
jap... lemme show yguys.

Haa ni baru sikit.

Tengok tak how cheap are thoseeee!? Dia ada sale agaknya.

It comes with so many designs and is definitely cantik. Like my bag yang blue in colour tu.. Still tahan lama, even dah kena air selalu. Tahan lasak juga cuz I bring to class like everyday? haha

Thus, you guys pun di alu alu kan untuk usha website ZALORA, cuz it wont break your heart :'D
But worth shopping and money flying hehehe :p And one of the recommended website for you to buy bag :D

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