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yeah finally semester 4 has come to an end. Dah habis dah pun and I feel saaaangat lah lega. But, 3 months of cuti is not easy bruhh. I really need plans to make em productive.

anyway, doakan keputusan exam kali ni dapat dicapai dengan cemerlang gemilang terbilang. InsyaAllah.

Oh this is so random. Its late at night, and I am gonna merapu a lot but thanks for reading guys.
So what should I do during this very long lovely holiday?

1. I should learn how to cook
2. I should bake and start selling my kuih and pavlovas (insyaAllah)
3. I should think of something for business
4. I should think of writing recipe in this blog! 😍
5. I should write more about any interesting things that give benefits to all of us :D

told ya its gonna be super merapu ! but hey! it makes sense. All im gonna do is something yang will pay back my hardwork. Asalkan isi masa dengan baik. aminnn.

okay nak sleep. hehe lama dah tak dpt sleep dengan minda yang tenang.  :p
nanight everyone.

mood : esok nak basuh car! go!

tschus :*

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  1. InsyaAllah keputusan exam tu cemerlang, gemilang lagi terbilang, hehe ^^ Selamat hari raya and enjoy your holiday~


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