A movie when boredom strikes!


Hye there people ! Fyi, today marks as the first day of my intern :p

Mesti pelikkan sebab I got time to update my blog. Haha cerita dia sebab I have done my work.. and since masuk first week ni hanya kerja for 3 days je sebab nanti dah cuti raya, so my supervisor cakap rehat rehat dulu.. after raya baru dia kasi more kerja.

and when dah settle kerja,
terus rasa nak update lah blog. even though I dont have any topic to talk about.

Alang alang tu, meh laa I recommend yguys a movie to watch especially when you guys are bored like me right now!

Okaythe Movie is..

Boss baby..

Okay, this is quite new and those yang tak pernah tengok lagi baik pi tengok cepat! Cerita dia boleh tengok free je through online.  Dekat sini -  Boss Baby

Well I am quite sleepy right now. Thus I have to stop writing and hope you will watch the movie that I have recommended.

OMG this is so random! but okay nothing much to say.

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