I've been dUCk-ed ! (dUCkscarf review)


Hello everyone! Okay so today, I decided to write on my blog about this one famous brand in Malaysia, which is dUCk :)

For sure lah ramai yang mengenali founder of this brand, Vivy Yusof. Oh yeah and for those yang kenal dia, will definitely have heard of Fashion Valet. Heheh Okay long story short, I actually am surprise cuz Ive been ducked! hahaha

Ha? amende benda alah duck duck ni? It is actually a shawl guys :'D
sorry la kalau ada yang ingat I tengah cakap pasal itik ke apa. huehuehue but well, here I present you.. my first dUCk scarf ;*

  Wait that is not scarf, it is just the box. Yes I know right! kotak dia pun dah lawa even simple je, but as a first timer getting this. Tak tipu, I was very happy on that day.. and it is like very suitable to make it as a gift. Well I get this as a gift from someone special. hewhew :'p  thanks to orang yang memberi ! ihihi.

Fyi, people yang own duck, they usually collect the boxes and dorang buat as their collections. They even build towers from the box. Gila dasyat dorang semua ni :D But fun to look at those ladies creativity!

Okay and this is whats inside . Ada note from D, The character behind these duckscarves, which is illustrated and macam a real person la. Idk whether its real or not, but it is something very interesting to me >.<
and together comes with the box is the Style Card. This one is for duckies (those who own ducks) learn new styles of shawl yang they can try. I think this one would be very helpful especially for beginners yang memakai tudung. 

Tadaa! This is mine. Hehe it is Mixed Crepe in Blue Ice. and lemme talk about the material.. like being very honest ok.

It is soft, and some of you guys might wonder why is the price is very expensive ke apa en..
Okay, nak basuh this shawl.. youguys kena handwash. Haha ofcourse la sayang lebih sebab dia mahei.. but whenever you wear it, it is actually very flowy and jatuh.

What I meant by jatuh is, dia tak rasa macam keras ke or what.. It is very comfy.
I love the way how it flows and how it feels sooo light on my head. Its light and flowy like..... can you feel me guys??? It is just sooo gooood.

Next! the jahitan tepi tu. Yep I guess that is one of the diff between this scarf than the other brands. Macam exclusive jugak laa. Oh and the label tu, it is duck and dijahit dengan kemas. I like it.

and lastly....... I love on how I can wear it with covering my chest. So... I will definitely get some more! :*

What can I say, I LOVE dUCk !

here I posted this on youtube when I got nothing to do masa tu.. So I decided to make a tutorial. Have fun watching guys!

p/s: Probably gonna update if I get my second dUCk ! hehe
thats all peeps :*


Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. mmg cantik DuCkscarf ni...

  2. Salam ziarah
    jemput singgah blog saya
    untuk menambah koleksi tudung dan hijab anda

    InsyaALLAH bermanfaat :)

  3. salam dear. yesz! i love duckscarf too. materialnya senang dibentuk dan selesa =)

  4. gta 5 apk
    Tadaa! This is mine. Hehe it is Mixed Crepe in Blue Ice. and lemme talk about the material.. like being very honest ok


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