Awesome Bali!


Hey there fellas!
Did I mention about Bali already? No I don't think so, so why not kan.

Okay lets start!
Last december, me and my lovely family went to Bali. It's actually the first time for us but the second time for my parents. They went there before for a holiday without us, so they thought of bringing us there, too later cuz its a beautiful place to visit. Seriously.

For this post, I am not gonna write very detail since you guys can find a lot more about Bali in internet. But the experiences that me and my family had, and that I am gonna share are wonderful. What can I say about Bali huh? I think I am gonna make long story short, to 7 things I know about Bali . Sounds okay right?

Number One  1

The first time I stepped in Bali, I can see that it is a very very pious place where everyone is so down to earth, polite and traditional. From their clothes, their monuments and rituals are all over the place.

Number Two  2

Okay, when we were there, Uncle Ari was our tourist guide. He even drove us to many interesting places in Bali. What he said, that Bali's main source of industry is tourism. Thus, you can see that there are soooo many things in Bali which look very tumblr-ish *if you know what I mean*.
I mean.. the buildings, the decors and all are damn pretty to be picture taken at. Lawa gila weh.

Number Three 3

The food. You know, wherever we go we are definitely going to try for the food there. As in Bali, I think the food is the same in Bandung, Indonesia (the place where Ive been before) . There is no problem for me to eat in Bali cause we can find many halal restaurants, but still need to be confirmed, cuz Porks over there are totally norms.

What new is!!! I tried the avocado juice and its cheap in Bali and I love it and I don't know what is wrong with me cuz I never tried it in Malaysia. It's green , drizzeled with chocs syrup. It's like, you can get Avocado juice in every restaurant. Try it if you go there okay! Worth it.

Number Four 4

The scenery. I went to this temple place, called Uluwatu. There we watched the Kecak Dance, their traditional dance, at first I thought its gonna be boring but can't believe that I actually focused on it for the whole 1 hour something?

Anyway, the most important is the view there. It was really breathtaking as if I was looking onto a picture in google or something. No filters wehh the view. sumpah awesome.

Number Five 5

Back to the basic things in Bali, they always have this one for their praying I think. (most of em are Hindus) and it looks so pretty. They put foods, decorate them with flowers (even thers mentos in t for sweets I guess) and yea, quite new for me. You can found it everywhere. Its like a small bowl, made from banana leaves.

Number Six 6

Who's the fans of DREAM CATCHER? You definitely need to visit Bali. Not only you can get it at a very cheap price, but also they look much more quality than the one that we usually found in Malaysia. They are all handmade and trust me, bring one back home is a must.

Number seven 7

The beaches. The beaches there are clean and blue and clear. I don't know what can I say anymore but MashaAllah, what a great creation of Allah. Besides, you can see lots of people playing water sports, too like me and my family. Many of em surf, too.

Well there are seriously a lot more of beautiful things that I want to write here. But Its just too much. So Imma share some pictures when I was in Bali and if you guys have questions about places that Ive been or what.. just drop down comment below alright?


lots of love,


Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. bestnya! bilalah nak sampai sini hehe

    1. hehe insyaAllah.. nanti pergi lah Bali! tak rugi

  2. teringat lagu goyang bali huhu

  3. tq sudi sharing. siap ada bunga2 :-)

  4. Wah bestnya dapat melancong ke Bali

    1. hehe nanti pergi la melancong ke sana juga ya

  5. Salam ziarah
    jemput singgah blog saya
    untuk menambah koleksi tudung dan hijab anda

    InsyaALLAH bermanfaat :)

  6. never been there so tak tahu eheh.. but i love the fact that the food sangat awesome. sometimes akak rasa.. i travel pun for food hahaha kerja nak makan je.

    1. sebab kat malaysia we always eat malaysians food je kan. so mmg wajib excited try food kat tempat orang :'D


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