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Readers sekalian.. finally I got the chance to write even if its very random. My laptop dah kena conquered dengan adik adik until I got no mood to write selama cuti sem ni. 3 months weh cuti ... I know this might be something weird to say.. but Im tired of holiday :') cehh Holiday best je cuma lama sangat.

Oh and suddenly my thoughts mencurah curah untuk tulis memalam buta ni. Its about nowadays. Its about money. Sekarang ni everyone wants money. No money, no life for certain people.

Somehow I found it true sebab sekarang ni semua pun kena guna duit. Tapi ingat senang ke nak cari duit?
I know nowadays sangat lah ramai millionare kat Malaysia ni. Rumah puluh juta is very the kacang, branded handbag pun berbelas beli sekali shopping. Not just that.. nowadays teens prefer to buy pricey stuffs especially students (like me) buy makeups even its expensive oso dont care weh.

I know right. Bila ada duit semua dapat. Tapi its just not easy. To find it through halal ways.. people need to put much effort. To survive. and for this, people need their own positive vibes. To make it happen. To have a better future. To have a better life.

But then come these community who always see the negative side of it. Judging others without knowing what the others have been through.

Whatever it is.. I dont wanna make this a very long post. So imma finnish my writing here.
No matter how rich you are.. how poor your life is, fight for it. Fight for a better future. Dont ever compare your life with others. Everyone has different life.

You want it , you work for it.
(jauh menyimpang entry harini) nanights everyone😘

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  1. yes. nowadays, everything is about money. money buy your confidence. no money no talk. haha.


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