25 May 2016

Procrastinating at my best!


to procrastinate might sound like a negative thing but I think it could be a good thing if I do it with all my best. What I do while procrastinating are

Listen to songs and sing along! 

Yeah I do this a lot even when I am not procrastinating. I kareoke through youtubes video. No need to go to red box meh, just wear earphone and sing!

Whenever I do this, I realized that it was a good thing and not bad at all. Yaa I was wasting my time but it can help me due to my stress like so many stress are coming so I need to calm myself by singing. Even if I don't wanna sing, listening to beautiful lyrics is good though. It feels like. I am not being lazy for nothing. I know, awesome.

Talk to my friend or family

Did you know that while procrastinating and you decide to whatsapp or call your friend or family is actually a really good thing!? I do this when I am fed up with my works and start procrastinate. And at the same time, I am strengthen the bond/relationships with people around me :D

This makes me happier!


To be honest, I have used my 'Baucar Buku' just to buy some novels and painting stuffs. So whenever I don't feel like finishing my assignments, I paint :3

I am not a professional artist or painter or whatsoever.  But by seeing the product of my painting after I finished colouring is just a heartwarming. Yes I do love my paintings even sometimes I ruined them uhuks.

Sleep tightly 

I love sleep. Who doesn't? Yaa I know even sometimes I feel bad when I slept too long or woke up late on the next morning. But atleast I could forget those little things and run away from the tiredness that I had.

When I have tons of works, but did not have the feelings to get them done.. why should I? Unless if the due is on the next morning (nak mati ke apa weh) haha .

Yass! So those are the things I do best while procrastinating :)
somehow, wasting time should not be done by doing nothing. Atleast do something good ;'p

so this is the girl who does her procrastinate s activities at her best. yay

p/s: asal tak tenung dinding sejam sudah. takda life betul tu

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24 May 2016

Winners #Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway


semalam tetiba wifi takda and you know haw sad I am sebab tak dapat umumkan siapa winners for giveaway :')

but! I ve chosen one of the winners ! Who is : DIKNA! number 14. My fav Number :D

so here is another 4 :*

drum roll..................................................

24. Blog Eyja!

1. Syaza, Applemints :*

51. Adna

42. The Dini Serendipity :D

So congratulations guys! boleh email frauananas , farhanafarid14@gmail.com

and tuntut hadiah tauu :*

Thanks to those who particiate :') terharu sangat. InsyaAllah.. one day.. Iols buat lagi! soon :* hehehe

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First Winner ! #Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway


Number 14

refer pada namelist, email me your details tauu😘 hehehe : farhanafarid14@gmail.com 

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23 May 2016

#Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway............ jeng jeng


Hai everyone ! Alhamdulillah 53 bloggers dah pun sudi joined #Ananasgoodmood giveaway and  I am so happy and hope that you guys tertunggu tunggu sangat with the results. InsyaAllah by tonight, I will randomly picked the winners!

Papepun semua pun dah menang dah for me sebab rajin join giveaway :* hehe

tunggu jangan tak tunggu!

 Okay.. nak sambung buat assignments. Ahahaha

Pois everyone ;)

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20 May 2016

So I was a salesgirl di sebuah kedai tudung


first thing first! for #Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway, name lists dah di update tauu.. boleh check okayy nanti. And semalam tak sempat update cuz I am not feeling well even now batuk batuk lagi. Uhuk uhuk*


I suddenly rasa nak tulis pasal tajuk ni since last wednesday, me and my dearly roommates talked *gossiped* about what happened the day before.

One of my roommate , Kak Fizah, told us that she went to a boutique.. and tengah pilih pilih baju, boleh pula tokey kedai tanya dia.. "Awak pekerja sini ke?" .. yess maybe because kedai tu tengah sale gila gila sampai tokey kedai pun tak tau nak beza siapa pekerja, siapa customer but the main point is.. when Kak Fizah said.. "eh tak.. bukan pekerja." and the tokey be like.. muka tak senyum and no sorry. As a customer, who looks high to that tokey terus macam erk.. why didnt she say sorry.. umm bersangka baik je lah.. maybe she was serabut.

Another story is about a friend of mine, too.. My friend was at a restaurant and baru lepas cuci tangan before makan.. on the way to the meja.. then suddenly this one brotherr called my friend and asked for order.  My Friend was shocked and said no I am no the waiter and that bro buat selenga and ignored my friend. At the same time.. my friend felt like.. menyirap.

And this one happens to my brother when we were at kenduri orang kawin. While beratur nak ambil nasi.. tetiba ada makcik came and complain kat my brother (maybe because he is wearing plain tshirt,) "lauk dah habis ni.." and macam marah marah my brother. Obviously the makcik is related to the pengantin since she pakai baju macam boria same like other family members of the pengantin. My Brother said "Saya tetamu" and makcik tu tak puas hati.. still wanna say that he is the worker tukar tukar lauk tu.. siap macam nak emo.. and then only she realized that she was wrong. and blah like nothing happen. No sorry at all..

Well it happened to me ,too . when I was busy choosing tudung at Vietnam until this one aunty Singapore asked me "Awak pekerja sini ke or awak customer?" .. and she smiled.. I smiled to her back and said.. "Saya orang Malaysia la aunty.. customer macam aunty jugak" .. and she said "laa sorry .. hehe.. mana aunty tau.. muka putih putih macam vietnamese haa"  andd we ended up pilih tudung sama sama.

So basically here, I just wanna say that... all of the stories above have the same situation where people just directly asked the wrong person. But there are still ways for you to make the situation to become better.

Its like, the tokey kedai, the brother at the restaurant and the makcik boria.. yes, they made mistakes. Everyone made mistakes tho.. But they can cure the feeling of others *yang tetiba terkejut kena attack pastu rupanya salah orang*. They should not become kerek ke, nak emo ke, or ignore someone after they make their mistake. It is easy to speak that one magic word. Just say sorry. Or maybe you can just smile and atleast feel guilty.

Take that aunty Singapore as example. She wasnt sure if I am the salesgirl or not but after she guessed me wrongly.. she said sorry. Well atleast she doesnt makes me feel awkward and annoyed with her.

I know this post might be a lil bit long *yes it is long* but peeps..
There is always a way to make others feel better. You just dont have to be greedy.

Jangan kedekut to say sorry, Jangan kedekut with your smiles :)  and sebelum tegur orang tu, tengok dulu orang sekeliling. hokay?

nahh smile from a 'vietnam' girl and her friend. Aida bots

thanks for reading :*
semoga bermanfaat

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18 May 2016

Baju Blous terkini FOR RAYA at Zalora


Hey guys!
So main topic for this post  is baju raya!  (haa semangat takk??)

It has been less than one month I think? For us, muslims dekat seluruh dunia akan menyambut kedatangan bulan Ramadhan. Tak lama dah.. and we gonna puasa for a month :) *puasa jangan tak puasa~.. oh yang tak ganti lagi boleh laa sedar diri memasing :p hehe ganti cepat! 

And… yeah,  Ibadah puasa shows us too, that Syawal bakal menjelang and talking about bulan Syawal, we can already imagine how excited would it be and banyak sangat preparation nak kena buat because we want everything to be smooth and good since we meet people, and one most important thing is.. bermaaf maafan sesama manusia :)

Thus! (masuk mood baju raya)
We need to look gorgeous  laa of course on that day kannn… It is like, a tradition for us, malay people where we have that one session ‘sesi pencarian baju raya’ .
Oh and…have you ever heard about nowadays trend where the people mostly wear Blouse for raya instead of wearing just a normal baju kurung or kebaya?

So here I would like to share with you guys,

Cerita dia macam ni.. last weekend me and my mother sibuk laa berbincang bincang pasal baju raya (omg so typical. puasa tak lagi tapi dah discuss pasal baju raya.. gurlss~). Tell me you guys did the same thing right!?!?  Hahaha.. then tetiba come across with Zalora since my mother ni peminat tegar Rizalman and I tell you.. baju baju dalam Zalora are sooo nowadays trend *nangis* :’) 

It is more  trendy and as I said, concept dia macam baju blouse and sangat terkini. Uhuks.
Well of course, keluaran tu semua sempena this coming Raya laa kann…and it makes me feel guilty kalau tak share denga all of you. ahaha

As we can see, tahun tahun sebelum ni most of the women and girls pakai baju Kurung Moden (like me..) and macam Kaftan or Jubah (like me, too..) di pagi Syawal (mood raya sangat ..ahaha) and now it is 2016 guys! Eh salah..girls! New collection of baju blous terkini is soo gonna be INTO the trend since lagi senang nak match kan with skirts, lagi lagi skirts yang ala ala mermaid tu.. well I think it looks outstanding. Dontcha think so? Kan?

So here are some of em yang I found them like.. LAWA SANGAT.. for us , women/girls,  untuk di pakai pada pagi mulia Aidilfitri kelak. hehe

Intro gambar sikit… jeng jeng

So this is the first one..

 1. Peplum Blouse. 

Well, for me this peplum is still relevant for this year, for example like these pretty peplums collection in Zalora.. blue and white is a really good combination , I tell you.. and its gonna be my baju raya theme this year, insyaAllah.. ehh terbagitau pulak :p

Peplum Blouse

2. Cape Blouse

And this one, people call it Cape Blouse, ( I like this onez ugh like I kenots.) I found it  looks elegant yet simple, like all colours can be matched kann… and bebas laa nak pakai with any skirt . Yep that’s what I think..

Cape Blouse

3. Lace Blouse

Or…with this lacey lacey blouse or to be more formal ‘Lace blouse’  . ahahaha I just cant laa with this blouse collection :’) semua buat ku jatuh.. *macam lagu Faizul tu.. aku jatuh.. eh? Haha. It is just, this lacey blouse buat kita Nampak sweet-er and girly-er . *RIP English.. * . I like that!

Lace Blouse

4. Puff Sleeves Blouse

Oh pastu.. Puff Sleeve Blouse. This one is sooo interesting because for me, not only for raya. It can be wear masa apa apa important occasion, too. Wear it with confident, trust me dizz onezz so lawaz. Macam princess punya baju kann…   :l  lemah lutut. Hm

Puff Sleeves Blouse

5. Flare Blouse

And the simple one! Its Flare blouse..yeah, if those yang dah di share oleh Iols yang kat atas atas tu bukan taste youguys sebab yguys adalah jenis yang simple dan anggun dan menawan, I suggest you this one! Nice kan? Yang ni untuk yang berhijab pun sesuai since the cutting is quite loose  lagi lagi part punggung tu . hihi :)

Flare Blouse

Ahaa, so that’s it! Hasil browsing thru Zalora’s  website about their ‘baju blous terkini’ collection. Serious rambang mata bila tengok and the price range is quite affordable even ada yang below RM 100 :’D nangis lagii* hahahaha . So whatchu waiting for girls! Go serang Zalora punya website, to find out more :*

May you get your best baju raya for this upcoming Raya, insyaAllah.
Hope that this post helps you girls out there yang still wandering, searching for baju raya!

That’s all . Pois !

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Pencarian Bloglist Jun 2016 by Beeha Azman


hey peepals

nampak tak betapa iols semangat update blog? :p
oh ni actually nak join pencarian bloglist by Beeha Azman . Tanak cakap banyak but... why is her blog template iz szo cantikz? :')  

btw .. malam ni mood dengar lagu lagu korea. tetiba 

so cepat guys! click banner and join sama lets! hehe and dont forget to click her nuffnang tau :*

wehh banner dia pun apasal cantik sangat!!! hahahahaha

thats all guys :* gute nacht alle !

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17 May 2016

#Ananasgoodmood shawls giveaway bloglist

Assalammualaikum ,

Hye everyone!
hari hari yang dinantikan sudah pun tiba! cewahh *over.

and today, I am so rajin to update about the list of blogs, about 31 blogs yang dah join since last 5 days, awwh thank you so much bloggers yang murah hati and rajin sekalian :')

So the list goes on, sesiapa yang bosan bosan rasa nak blogwalking tu, why not just browse on the list yang dah di letakkan kat bawah ni. :* have fun blogwalking, make friends and click click nuffnang dorang ! hehehe

10. Theathra
14. Dikna

okay! List dah siapp.. creative sungguh nama blog blog semua ni ahaha. For those yang tetiba nama tertinggal ke, do comment so that I can add up yours. Siapa yang tak join lagi.... apa lagi? Join meh hehehe. Happy blogwalking guys :*

till then, pois!

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16 May 2016

test test!


okay! just a short update ;)

thank you guys! for joining . esok malam iols will update the list of the bloggers yang sudi join so that all of us boleh blogwalking sesama hehe. andddd esok test 2 papers and I am done for test 2. Doakan saya ya huhu

thats all! bye 😘

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14 May 2016

Tips bila di Vietnam


Terajin pula rasa nak update entry pasal vietnam, which I went there about 8 months ago oredi :')  That was in september.

And so! benda benda yang yguys should take note is....

1. Public Transport :

make sure yguys dah tau price siap siap tau.. cuz sometimes ada public transports/ taxi dia macam nak ambik untung lebih since we are tourists kan.. So walla! Dengan public transport pun we can tawar menawar if we know the real price :D

If dekat airport, yess memang dorang sediakan but taxi yang kat luar airport tu lebih besar and cheaper actually (kalau dpt yang okay like me and my family). Kitorang that time got one van yang sangat besar and selesa untuk bawa we all ke hotel with the same price of 'dalam airport punya' - 2 normal cars' yang akan gerak berasingan. Leceh sikit for a big family like mine which consists of 9 people.

2. Hotel! Little Saigon:

As you guys know... ke dont know? ahaha Saigon is actually the old name for Ho Chi Minh. So..... memang akan jumpa at many places perkataan Saigon ni. My hotel is cute like super cute. And macam rumah :') Tapi bilik dia selesa. Sesuai la untuk berehat after went to some places yang memerlukan berjalan guna kaki. (YESS I JALAN A LOT.. penat kaki comel ku.. huhu)

Oh and ramai orang Malaysia kat Vietnam ni, dalam hotel yang I duduk pun dah rasa macam dekat Malaysia dah. lewls. Lagi satu hotel yang penuh dengan rakyat kita is , Pink 2 .. if I am not mistaken.

3. Makanan Halal? :

Well this one is actually very easy to find since banyak jugak lah kedai melayu kat sini esspecially near to Pink 2 hotel. Because there are event like orang panggil 'malay street' sebab ramai sangat Malaysian makan and jalan area situ.

Depan hotel kitorang je pun ada kedai arab sumpah sedap nak makan situ hari hari pun boleh :') ahaha. Concept dia macam arab but I think the owner is Bangladesh. He was the english teacher in Vietnam and his wife is Vietnamese. Makanan dia punya price pun not bad lah tak merepek. So can eat here too! Hehe and of course halal :)

Oh one more is the coffee! Its like kopi susu tapi sumpah sedap. Wajib try okay. Rm 3 je

4. Jalan jalan:

Emm about this, we had a bad experience lah kat sana since this one guy menipu yang he was in Malaysia dulu and pelajar tahfiz and so on.. He was at first wearing kopiah pastu esok masa nak bawa me and my family and some other Malaysian Families, dia macam change.
First is, pickup kat hotel lambat like 2 hours. We waited for two hours, awal awal lagi my father dah panas je hati . ahaha

Second, the trip to Mekong river is quite long juga laa duration dia and we did'nt eat much masa breakfast (makan roti roti je) because that guy said yang he will take us to one place and eat. But end up sesat.. and last last dah sampai Sungai Mekong and he said, we are going to eat inside. And when we ask the pekerja at Sngai Mekong she said theres no food but just like makan buah and taste madu lebah dorang. Like whuttt... perut lapar kot. Pastu all of the families cakap, tak kira.. nak makan dulu. Esspecially my father sebab dia memangtak suka orang cakap tak serupa bikin ni.. and one of the pekerja dekat Sg. Mekong, 'Diamond' nama dia.. she help us a lot on giving our mood back. :')

Something fishy about that guy when He didnt even know the exact waktu solat and ayah be like.. kata budak tahfiz la apa laa kenapa tak bgtau waktu solat yang betul. Emm such a bbad day kat Sg. Mekong.. when the rate of price yang that guy bagi tu pun tetiba lain makin mahal laa apa lah.. Ramai laa bapak bapak kat situ mengamuk. hmmm

SO! nak pergi mana mana please, take the tourism punya kedai dekat hotel memasing like package ke apa.. Dont simply like jumpa orang kat kedai kedai baju and offer you to become your tourist guide kee dont! Takut kena tipu macam kitorang.

Next day pergi Chu Chi Tunnel, we used the khidmat of the real tourist agent and we had fun. Satu bus denga mat salleh handsome and cantik jugak hahahaha.
okay panjang pulak bahagian ni.

5. Shopping:

Okay pasal shopping, untuk beli kain wajib baca blog Jari manis ni. sebab kedai ni memang murah. Kalau nak compare with other shops la. If you guys kena tahan dengan kedai lain sebelum korang sampai kedai yang disebut dalam Jari Manis tu, just move.. and dont stop. Kalau tak kena paksa beli ahahaha.. well they can speak malay mostly so just say to them.. 'takpa takpa saya taknak' ahhahaha. nanti kang dorang menghasut, korang tersangkut bahaya juga kann. Your money pun fly lah apa lagi :')

for other stuffs like bags, shirts, pants, purses and many more..I suggest to not buy them dekat Ben Thanh Market tu... cuz its quite expensive. Then where to buy? Wait for the pasar malam!

ahaha you can get 70% cheaper if pandai tawar. Alhamdulillah, I am the princess of tawar menawar cuz the best is my father :p  haahaha. So practice dan yakin lah dalam tawar menawar ni. Some of the seller baik je and some yang macam arrogant sikit.. just ignore.. sapa suruh kerek.. orang tak beli kat dorg hehehe. Dekat pasar malam ni sumpah best cuz semua murah.

Its like, kedai ni jual murah, but tetiba ada kedai lagi murah.. cuz theyre fighting each other jugak to make people buy things from em.

6. Simple things :

Not to forget about the plug. It is different dengan Malaysia, so benda  ni sangat penting for you guys ye laaa nanti abis battery phone cemana nak guna calculator nak tawar menawar.. kansz? And acane nak ambik gambo hehehe. Oh it is easy, yguys just can get it kat kedai runcit tepi jalan nearby dengan hotels and all. ;)

next is about money changing, emm for me, better to bring Vietnam dong as much as you can, since duit Malaysia sometimes terumbang ambing ada turun naik kan.. So takut kalau nak beli items tetiba price jadi mahal sebab guna duit Malaysia :'( (Ive experienced this. ) hmmm its okay, take it as a lesson.

and... yeah! make sure yguys bertenaga cuz you gonna walk a lot, to shop, to the museum and many place .. motor kat sini banyak sangat.. and kalau nak lintas jalan, just walk hahahaha sebab the motorcyclist here pakar mengelak orang. Kelakar pulak rasa but its true.

Okay tu je kot,

nah some pictures for you guys.. some more dekat dalam ig :') kalau nak tengok boleh laa scroll bawah bawah since 8 months ago kan.. huhu

ni pun kat Sungai Mekong, naik kereta kuda. best la jugak :p heheh

dekat War museum Vietnam

my lovely parents. Ni masa last day hehe

tengok backgrouoond ramai orang bawak motor.

from top to pants, semua from Vietnam. Tudung RM 20, Baju Rm 15 Seluar Rm 25 and semua selesa sangat macam benda mahal yang dijual di Malaysia :')

okay depan belakang are bags from vietnam, I got them cheap. hehehe

madu lebah yang ada dalam Sg. Mekong

ni masa kat Sg. Mekong yang kitorang kena tipu.. nasib ada ular, boleh la happy sikit hahaha

one of a must try in Chu Chi Tunnel

yes hutan all the way in Chu Chi Tunnel (with my tetiba friend from Denmark)

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13 May 2016

Scrub your face !


hye guys.. first of all nak thanks to those yang sudi join #Ananasgoodmood shawls giveaway tu yguys memang awesome hehe .

Oh and now it is gonna be a simple post and about face scrub!
I sometimes wear face scrub from Himalaya (use it because it seems like suits with my Himalaya face cleanser) and sometimes wear the scrub from Naila.co (dulu I did a review for this brand haa boleh usha satgi kay) .

it is just, to make some of youguys yang tak tahu why do we need to scrub our face, know that it is okay for us to scrub our face.. even everyday :) especially for those yang ada kulit menggelupas or jenis yang kering kusam tu .

So far alhamdulillah, scrubbing is what I do when I stopped dnars tu. and my face looks better (even the parut still all  over the place) plus softer.

Scrub ni function dia nak buang sel kulit mati tu and some scrubs kan ada ingredients dia. Like Naila.co tu its coffee , then organic oil and I dont know I forgot :p for the Himalaya it is from neem leaves I think. It smells okay and I like it because it is like just small particles of scrub, scrubbing softly on my face. You dont feel the harshness when you scrub it. Becauses ya! the scrub is just.. smaller . I like!

ni haa yang Naila.co tu.

so since scrub makes my face better.. why dont you try it? hehe I know right.. this is so random😂

thats all! babaii

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#Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway


Haa I've been very busy semalam with tests, classes and all so penat and tak sempat nak update blog last night since pagi ni class pukul 8. and I've said that I wanted to buat giveaway sempena 2 years old of frauananas.blogspot.com . and 200 followers too!

Thank you guys :* sebab sudi melawat blog yang tak seberapa ni and sudi jugak click click nuffnang ads yang berlegar-legar dalam blog ni. Don't stop visiting okay ! Cuz I will keep updating interesting things for you guys to read and see pada waktu lapang :D

and so here is it!

#Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway !

'Shawls' means not one shawl je tau to be given but..... 5 !

so, rules nya ada lah

1. Follow blog frauananas and click nuffnang ads & churp churp kat tepi dan sekitar blog (don't forget okays)
2. Post satu entry entitled ' #Ananasgoodmood Shawls Giveaway '
3. Back link kan banner to this entry
4. Copy link entry and post dekat comment box entry ni

and you're done !

lelaki ke perempuan ke mana mana pun boleh join. eheheh mana lah tau nak bagi mak ke or sisters or girlfriend ke kann. Oh btw its' due date is 22nd of May, Ahad. next week . Do support okay :*

Thanks for joining!

emm pikir topic sat .. apa nak post malam ni eh~?

okay bye!

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12 May 2016

Happy 2 years old frauananas.blogspot.com


this gonna be a very short post but the very meaningful one. Tomorrow I got test at 8 a.m but I dont care.. I must post this entry since my blog is officially 2 years old! Alhamdulillah. may I will update more interesting entries to share with all of you guys.

And one more good news is ,

I got 200 followers and its 2 years old! :'D
well, I guess 2 is a lucky number for this month for me and for this blog. Aha . Thank you so much again :*

Frauananas mit Ihre Ananas :D *throwback with one of the earliest profile picture in this blog ,once upon a time*

thats all for tonight! and yesss .. do wait for the giveaways. cuz my answer is YAY !

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11 May 2016

Birthday Giveaway by Wanaseoby.com


I've been tagged by Fatin the braces girl! thank you so much cuz yknow what.. I like to join giveaways and stuffs sebab kalau ada rezeki, menang lah! ahahaha dulu penah dapat topup sekali. pastu nasib tak menyebelahi Iols dah,

so why not another giveaway kan?
and this one is from Wanaseoby.com :*

here iz ze bannerz

my tags : Fadzi Razak
             : Budak Vanilla
             : Mia Amelia

thats all, pois :*

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My daily 'very the simple' face make ups


yayy satu test dah habis tadi and now back to blog since malam ni kena study (intro yang tak perlu)

I've change my skincare. Dulu pakai dnars but now dah stop sebab... I realized yang tak guna cream malam dia sangat. and selalu guna sabun beras and cream siang dia.. but for some reasons, too. I've stopped.

After a week camtu, tanpa menggunakan apa apa products kat muka, just cuci guna air biasa .. haa my cherawats naik like so many I cannot ugh. Until I started to use Himalaya face neem cleanser tu (tak sure betul ke tak nama dia) and it suits me. Its like , back to normal dah and guna products from drugstores balik. About face cleanser ni gonna be in other entry lah kang panjang sangat pulak tulis kat sini.

So now! am gonna write about simple face products or we call it make ups? *like very very very simple make ups* that I use them daily. Yep. Daily. And the main purpose are, these products help my face to become better, less jerawat and segar-er. LOL jk, its Fresher . hahahaha

 let's begin.

1. Moisturizer from Himalaya

this mosturizer bukan sahaja untuk face, but I also use it dekat tangan, neck and actually satu badan pun boleh. 

So far, whenever I wear this after cuci muka dengan cleanser Himalaya tu, my face will be like lembut laa.. nama pun moisturizer kans. I also wear this sebelum pakai bedak muka.. and makes me feel better lagi lagi for hari yang ada kelas. After wearing this moisturizer and wait like 10 mins, I wear......

2. Pixy compact powder (natural beige)

 I know that this bedak is quite famous since sangat murah and elok kat ramai orang. Even my friends pun ramai yang guna Pixy ni. At first I thought 'natural beige' colour wouldnt suits me (perasan kulit putih) but bila dah pakai, eh elok je :'D ahahaha maybe because its natural? so tak nampak gelap or kelabu putih hahaha.

To make myself look presentable, instead of wearing normal bedak baby johnson tu.. I wear this lepas pakai moisturizer. It make myself less oily and semenggah lah sikit.

To be honest, I am a very pemalas girl untuk pakai mekap or pape lah kat muka lagi lagi for the sake of going to class JE. But since I am growing older *uhuk uhuk tua dah 21* I need! to change! my self! to atleast! become someone yang proper laa.

Maybe because my face always look pale, so I need something. (but if serabut terbangun lambat ke apa.. bedak baby johnson je ditepek kat muka ni. heh)


3. Ad A's Collagen Lipstick (I'm Sweet)

 lipstick ni like ramai orang cakap lipstick makcik makcik but I like it, maybe because of the ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen and smells like strawberry.. so I like it! Plus tak berat bila pakai kat mulut.

My aunty actually sells this so why not lah kan. RM 23 sebatang . Pastu bila pakai it turns out to follow the temperature of my body and not too bright nor to pale. and tak kering dah bibir, no gelupas and bibir darah :') yay. perfect.

And I just need to wear it and ready to go to class. oh pastu this lipstick boleh letak kat pipi and eyelids :'D boleh la perasan ala ala pipi pink padahal tepek lipstick uhuhu.


4.  NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream (Stockholm)

yang atas tu AD A'S , yang bawah tu NYX

 nahh for those yang pernah come across and read my previous entry, last year if I am not mistaken, I already have one code of this lipstick which is, Athens. But guess what its patah.. entah cemana tah Ive turned into HULK ke cemana botol dia boleh patah/pecah?.. emm

But I really really like the texture lagi lagi bila dah pakai kat lips dia akan jadi Matte- ofcourse, and jilat balik pun tak hilang. This one colour Stockholm which is a lil bit brighter and livelier than Athens tu. I wish to have another. Saja buat ngada ngada. ahaha

Oh and this one I usually wear it whenever nak pegi dinner ke, or pergi jejalan kat shopping mall ke. Cuz untuk class I think its like beriya (which is not .. actually) but I prefer to wear Ad A's Lipstick tu masa kat class.

Okay the end! 4 Items yang sangat lah simple and I love em.

thanks for reading! pois

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Shawls giveaway. Yay or nay?


okay. esok test. but tadi dah habis study. and got a little time  untuk revise lagi since class starts at 11. And!

Tomorrow, 12th May 2016, means that this blog, frauananas.blogspot.com, dah two years old!
yes I do have other blogs before. But masalah zaman budak budak dulu. Email tak ingat lah, password tak ingat lah.. and I don't like the way how I wrote my entries back then. So, telah daku deletekan segalanya dari memori memori nonsense lama. *pastu ada gambar dengan kak Maria Elena masa jumpa kat Airport pun terdelete sama. sobs*

I still remember that one blog that I thought it could be my forever blog. Nama dia 'keringtekak.blogspot.com' . I don't know but it sounds great to me! Unique gila en. takpa lah . let bygone be bygone.

Pastu... disebabkan kewujudan frauananas ni dah nak masuk 2 years, Ananasgoodmood pun datang lagi. Should I buat shawls giveaways untuk  pembaca setia blog frauananas ni?  hehehehe :p if you think I should, comment cepat!

percentage yang mengatakan that I should is quite high, since Ramadhan dah dekat juga ni, rasa macam nak bermurah hati pulak. hihi . Okay tell me okays. I give you guys time sampai 12th of May untuk fikir.. its a YAY or NAY.

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10 May 2016

CPUV Campaign #Nuffnang 8


Nah a very short entry before I start to study sat lagi. Mula mula rasa macam tanak share.. tapi nak share jugak! tak kira.

So this is it..after months dah berlalu and here I am, with the blog again.. pastu nak cerita sad story. My status kat Nuffnang from Gliterrati dah hilang dah. Huhu , serves me right sapa suruh tinggal blog lelama.

see there, yang kat gambar kecik atas tu. ahahaha abaikan rm10 tu. hihi sikit sikit lama lama menabung insyaAllah .. boleh berguna in future

anyways, this doesn't patah kan my semangat at all! yeah! dulu I've got the chance to get Movies tickets from Nuffnang and I even made friends through it. So why not I just stay positive and wait for the moments like before to happen in the future.. kan? insyaAllah. hehe nak rajin rajin lah click kat tabung orang lain. Nanti boleh menabung each other :*

well, Nuffnang does makes my blogging life become much more interesting ;) Churp churp too! so sesapa tak buat acc lagi pergi log up cepat.

that's all, pois !

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Giveaway FV oleh Mieza Suhaini


okay, tahu . Its already late but as I was blogwalking tadi.. then jumpa this one giveaway pastu terus click. OMG yes! I am a shopaholic :') but tengah berjimat so kena control laa sikit.. and organizer giveaway ni, Mieza Suhaini nak buat giveaway bagi FV punya vouchers. Sapa taknak weyy :3 hehe

tak tau laa sempat ke tak nak join ni. habis segala rules dah follow dah and due date is 10th May which is today :'D Please tell me that I am accepted to join this giveaway. Plishh ! huhu (alaa sorry la gedik sikit)

Papepun! InsyaAllah kalau ada rezeki tak ke mana. hehe siapa siapa yang tanak join tu, boleh laa singgah kat blog Mieza Suhaini ni tauu.. boleh click kat banner for further info

okay byee..... :*

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9 May 2016

5 things when being a dropshipper


So here I would like to share with all of you about something simple but some people might dont know or salah paham on what is a dropshipper actually.

Yes, I am one of the Dropshipper :)

Droshipper is a job for those who dont even need to have the item's stocks with them (we call the stock holder as stockist) while dropshipper hanyalah sebagai medium for customer untuk comunicate and the dropshipper will be responsible to transfer the information to the supplier .. haaa gitew. boleh paham? Simple sangat en?

Dah beberapa bulan lah jugak Ive started to become one. And Alhamdulillah, learned about so many things and still learning to be a better dropshipper . insyaAllah.

It was all started sebab kengkonon Iols nak cari duit poket. I dont know, I just feel like, best bila guna duit sendiri instead of using duit yang ayah and ibu bagi. Besides, saja je nak isi masa lapang (padahal busy selalu). and............ experience. Yep, to get experience. Lastly, of course.. I will get money :)

Well to be honest, It was not the experience yang I seek for but somehow being a dropshipper gives me a lot of experience.
So being a dropshipper got me like..

1. To have a responsibility:

Selain daripada being a student, and a good child to my parents *good kew? sobs :') *, to treat my customers well through online social media and whatsapp are important, too. Yep, It is my job untuk makesure that the order from the customer tak salah, untuk transfer the money, and update the tracking numbers, update the latest items yang available and whats not.  Plus, to sampaikan order dengan betul to supplier. It might sounds easyy but..yeahh. all about responsibility :)

pernah sekali I have ordered the wrong batch and my customer received tudung warna lain.. luckily my customer ni sangat baik and sudi hantar balik barang kat supplier. And! It is my responsibility to not repeating the same mistake and say sorry to her :'D rezeki alhamdulillah customer tak banyak yang demand sangat.. tp adalah beberapa .huhu.

2. To practice on being polite:

So, Ive learnt on how to be very polite especiallyy with strangers. Before, I tak pernah pun kisah pasal strangers (ye la bila je pun nak ber 'dear' 'cik' bagai..sbb tak selalu communicate dengan strangers through whatsapp) until they become my customer. Serious I have to layan them baik baik sangat beacuse yeahh, they are our customers. Even sometimes when the customers are quite friendly, I made them feel even more confident to buy the barang and ada yang dah jadi regular customers dah. Sebab kita layan dia macam friends and family. But still kena put limits lah. Kang customers ambil kesempatan. cuz yknow.. we are not the boss. The suppliers are.

3. Be fast:

We dont want our customer to run away kann.. So Early birds get the worms lah guys. sometimes, subuh subuh customer whatsapp.. yeah since I am just a dropshipper, tak letak limit time pun for people to ask me and so on. And rezeki di pagi hari, kadang kadang time subuh tu laa jugak customer semangat terus transfer duit online. We, too, need to be fast untuk update dekat suppliers, and update dekat customers. Jangan biar hanging je .. nanti kang customer bosan.. tak jadi beli and malas dah nak berurusan dengan kita.

4. Be honest (waahh mcm dalam cintan cintun pulak)

Sometimes kita kalau boleh tanak bagitau if the customers order ada problems ke apa ke and we are afraid to tell the customers about the suppliers punya mistake ke.. *contoh.. And we tend to be like... camana nak reply ni.. (this is me before). So jangan takut takut.. If its our fault, tell the customers. If its our suppliers punya fault pun tell the customers. So that customers tau what should they do.. tukar barang ke.. or wait for another batch ke.. pape pun let them know. Jangan nanti kang customer dapat barang tak best, lagi lah tak okay jadi nya.

but somehow ada je yang customers macam "saya tak kira saya nak jugak.." and we actually cant make it because of some reasons.. just tell them, sorry, we cannot do it. We know what is our kebolehan kann.. kalau tak mampu nak settle cakap bebetul.

5. Stay positive! and rajin update

Yasss! The most important thing. You know , sometimes I felt like.. eh kenapa takda orang order ni.. ish gelisah la bagai laa , just think. InsyaAllah, ada orang akan order. just sabar a bit. Ada je rakan dropshipper I yang privately whatsapp me and ask, "ada orang order dari awak tak? saya tak da laa .. huhu" kita pun nak cakap apa .. betul tak? just say, insyaAllah nanti ada rezeki.. sabar sikit je.

Oh and kena lah rajin update. Bila stock baru masuk, update cecepat. and kalau orang comment kat igshop ke , pm thru facebook or what.. just keep updating. So that its easy for our customers to browse and contact us. Update, means update dengan supplier juga.

Just assume as we are the customers yang nak beli barang tu, so that we are keen to know more. right? sooo rajin update! wajib.

my very own dropship acc and preloved acc :*

aha so that marks the end of this entry! for those yang nak jadi dropshipper jugak boleh lah jadi and hope this helps :* yang penting pandai manage masa and manage diri. InsyaAllah.

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Segmen: Sayang Followers Elsa by Elsaalicious


Haa dah lama tak join segmen ke apa apa kann? So lets, kita support Elsa frozen punya segmen. hehe The more the merrier right?! So what are you waiting for guys... :*
oh plus dia pnya rules sangat mudah and tak leceh. me likey :D semoga ada rezeki lah untuk dapat special gift tu .. heheheh

for those yang tak join lagi but want to join jugak boleh click kat banner bawah ni kay guys .

okay thats all!

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8 May 2016

Shearasol's Relove our Preloves event


Hai Guys..

Sorry lah dua post berturut-turut ni topic yang sama je. *excited sangat namanya ni*
As I said in the previous entry, nak pergi event dekat Bangi Sentral yang di organized by Shearasol's and friendss and yes I did!

Bangun pepagi lagi dalam pukul 9 macam tu baru start siap. I went there with my two girlfriends , Juni and Aina. Plan nya nak gerak pukul 10 so by the time kedai Shearasol buka, kitorang sempatlah kot nak breakfast ke lek lek dulu ke kann.. but guys.. we are malay, takleh nak buat apa dah. HAHA
Tapi tak da la lambat sangat. Kitorang gerak pergi bangi at 10.10 am, lambat 10 minutes je kay. And off we go.. isi minyak dulu sat.. drive mcm kura kura sat.. guna waze (even dah 2 tahun dah stay upm) pastu kami sampai dengan gembiranya and so happy sebab dapat parking! Tau tau je lah kat Bangi Sentral tu memang parking selalu penuh. But maybe its only 10 something so orang tak ramai lagi kot.

Cari punya cari, finally kitorg jumpa Shearasol punya butik. masa tu dah 10.45 am macam tu and we still ragu ragu nak bekpes dulu or nak tunggu depan kedai. (konon konon nak serbu bila start event laa)  . But then my friend Juni kata.. takyah breakfast. Wait depan kedai.. ye lah Preloved items tau tau je laa pulak murah dia cemana kan.. so kitorang pun naik lah lif (satu tingkat je padahal) .. and buka je pintu lif memang terangtang tang pintu kedai. Selain we saw a basket of biscuits and bottles of mineral waters, we all nampak kelibat manusia yang sudah gembira berjalan jalan di dalam kedai.. and we are like.. wait? what? dah boleh shopping?!

Tanpa segan silu kami bagi salam and masuk. Jalan depan sikit and I saw Maria Elena. Its kak Maria :') *nangis dalam hati  . It was the second time I met her. First time dulu jumpa like 5 years ago. hah lama gilos. But still I got butterflies in my belly *over ngeks.

But sebab malu malu en.. so we decided to jalan jalan and tengok all the clothes and bags and shoes. End up, we were stucked kat Maria punya part. Bukan apa... Murah dia bapak lah... I dont know lah whats the real price but, kak Maria put like RM 5, RM 2, RM 10.. and some of the bajus are soooo me. So grab grab grab grab tanpa memikirkan apa lagi and bayar. Settle. Well I dont think that I should fitting dulu ke apa cuz Her baju semua macam loose, flare macam tu so confirm muat! Eheh.

Next Iols dah ada 3 helai baju dah dalam paperbags, *oh luckily kak Maria gave me paperbags, sepatutnya kena bawa sendiri.. huhu cedih lupa bawa* .. and Iols continue to help rakan rakan memilih item dorang Pulak. My budget is like RM 50, but I oredi got like 3 items and used RM15. I KNOW RIGHT?!?!  3 for RM 15. baju tau... bukan shawl ke apa. Tersengih sengih sensorang happy masa tu.

Jalan and jalan lagi, the crowd dah start crowded kan the place, and kitorang semua berjalan like "excuse me.. hehe sorry.. excusee.. tumpang lalu.." terlanggar each other pastu sengih sebab rasa bersalah but at the same time tengah happy shopping. Then I found a mini skirt yang sangat cantik yang sangat vintage. Well I am the type yang suka pakai mini skirt dekat bahagian luar seluar. Because for me, boleh cover bahagian punggung and its a cool thangg mann. So that skirt kenot be resisted. I bought it. and tetiba mata ternampak dekat satu bag diamond ni.. Tak tau apa ntah nama dia but I know that that bag is sooo my sister. So I bought it so that boleh share share with her..

My friends masa tu dah bertebaran mengejar baju/stuffs ikut taste memasing. We dont care at each other cuz we need to rebut barang! hahahaha. Then I was tertarik dengan shawls yang dilambakkan dekat bahagian depan kedai. Shawls like so many shawls and some bawals too. Jenis bawal yang lembut je.. Those were kak Shea's but ada la juga orang lain punya. and tangan ni memang laju je grab-grab tudung and kak Shea laju je cakap.. ambik je banyak banyak , satu RM 1 . and I am like.. what?! singgit? okay ambik. tup tap 6 helai di dalam tangan. and yes.. thats the last one. the shawls.
but masa tu dah tak ada small change, got 5 ringgit je and kak Shea bagi laa RM 5 instead of RM 6 sebab 6 helai en.. Iols terharu terus salam kak Shea. ahahahahaha thank you!!

so here are the photos that I managed to ambil with Kak Maria and Kak Shea, yang bery the friendly.. at first macam awkward pastu mehhh terus selamba sebab tak serabut sangat en. Everyone there macam enjoy gila beli belah..

with beautiful preggy Ummi , kak Maria :*
and the ugly face of her *she said*
with Kak Shea, sangat comel lagi lagi kalau jumpa kak luar. ihiks

and a lil bit blurry picture of us, 
oh pastu lupa nak cakap. dah settle settle ambik gambar semua and ready nak babai kedai.. mata ni tetiba ter startstrucked *is this word even exist?*  dekat satu pants and againnnn.. Its kak Maria punya. :p  RM 5.   terus ambik and bayar! hahahahaha. Its Lakayena :') so now I have Lakayena's pants me so happy girl wiwuwiwuwiwu   (last minute pun sempat lagi beli ahahaha)

so here are my stuffs. OFF BUDGET. lebih RM 5 . tak pa la kan.. bukan selalu. So the result is. I bought 12 items for RM 55. I am awesome. 


and last but not least, my girlfriends yang cecomei and bucuk bucuk

from left, Aina, Juni, beautiful nana.

thats all. what a good day. Pois

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7 May 2016

I am back! ft. Shearasol's Relove Our Preloves


Hye everyone. Like it has been a while since I've posted entries last year. 2015. AND NOW DAH MAY 2016. huhu I didnt even write anything to wish a very happy new year to everyone. sobs*

okay . I am so happy jugak sebab line hotspot dekat UPM ni dah improved! No more u-sipot or whatever but theres a hotspot yang sangat lah laju. So mudah lah sikit nak menulis blog.
Bila buka blog, first thing yang tetiba rasa macam nak renovate (whut? renovate? ingat rumah ke apa nak renovate) make a change ... em pape je lah the word is. Yeah. dah tukar header to something pretty! Tak kisah lah yguys think its pretty or not. well I think its pretty. hehe

Moving on,
This gonna be a very short post (dari tadi tak habis habis membebel).
I am 21 now so I am gonna be someone better, my azam tahun ni *tetiba.
And I am gonna learn how to berjimat, menabung and jaga badan. lewlz random sangat. haha.
but true.
Those are my aims. So shoot for it nana!
and one of the way is.. Im truly gonna join for Shearasol "Relove Our Preloves" event. (is it an event? or ..) ahah its like Shea and her friends gonna sell/let go of their preloves .

Well I do sell preloves too but its them!? Like there is also gonna be Maria, MARIA ELENA , my fav  girl/woman ever. Even Nadrah is so cute *out of topic. but yep. Its tomorrow.. here is a lil bit of sneak peek.. nah

yeah, from the gambar itself kita semua boleh tau yang they are sooo fashion-voguedevazz-able and very up to date. Sometime theyre not that up to date but just wear anything without hesitating and unique and! still look good on them. I am really excited for tomorrow. Nak datang awal , and its in Bangi, so dekat dengan UPM. Their preloves items gonna be cheap, so I will grab some tomorrow.

and why is this related to my 2016 wish? It is shopping, but shopping good items with a cheap price is considered as jimat jugak kan? ahaha

anyways. Hye to the  earthlings back . again :'p and yguys gonna see me write more. InsyaAllah. tests are around the corner! wish me luck dan doakan saya ya :D


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