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hye guys.. first of all nak thanks to those yang sudi join #Ananasgoodmood shawls giveaway tu yguys memang awesome hehe .

Oh and now it is gonna be a simple post and about face scrub!
I sometimes wear face scrub from Himalaya (use it because it seems like suits with my Himalaya face cleanser) and sometimes wear the scrub from (dulu I did a review for this brand haa boleh usha satgi kay) .

it is just, to make some of youguys yang tak tahu why do we need to scrub our face, know that it is okay for us to scrub our face.. even everyday :) especially for those yang ada kulit menggelupas or jenis yang kering kusam tu .

So far alhamdulillah, scrubbing is what I do when I stopped dnars tu. and my face looks better (even the parut still all  over the place) plus softer.

Scrub ni function dia nak buang sel kulit mati tu and some scrubs kan ada ingredients dia. Like tu its coffee , then organic oil and I dont know I forgot :p for the Himalaya it is from neem leaves I think. It smells okay and I like it because it is like just small particles of scrub, scrubbing softly on my face. You dont feel the harshness when you scrub it. Becauses ya! the scrub is just.. smaller . I like!

ni haa yang tu.

so since scrub makes my face better.. why dont you try it? hehe I know right.. this is so randomπŸ˜‚

thats all! babaii

Posted by Nur Farhana


  1. Rasa mcm nak try je coffee scrub ni, mcm best je!

    1. hehe best! so far bila lepas pakai rasa macam lembut je :)

  2. Thanks bagi review.bolehlah cuba πŸ˜™

  3. Thanks bagi review.bolehlah cuba πŸ˜™

  4. Thanks bagi review.bolehlah cuba πŸ˜™


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