24 August 2017

Happy Merdeka with LAZADA , from a Malaysian, to Malaysians :*


Hye everyone :)

Our Merdeka day is just around the corner, cuz it is already August! And since Merdeka is near.. there so many awesome deals out there . Before I start to talk about the deals.. why not I describe the things that make me love to become a Malaysian.

What do I love about being a Malaysian? 
any idea?

You know.. I always went for holiday with my family.. and some of the places are outside of the country. I tell you guys.. all the places that I went are awesome. It is just that.. I have got this one feeling.
The feeling of excited everytime nak balik Malaysia. Ya I know, siapa je tak excited nak balik rumah sendiri kan,  but it is not that. I was excited because of the food :')
Nothing can challenge Malaysian food. Sometimes.. I found makanan yang sedap kat overseas but still tak as variety as our local food. 

Another reason on why I love to be a Malaysian is because the people. 
We always dengar yang there are so many people in other country yang better than Malaysian.. but guess what.. I think everywhere is just the same. Everyone can be better.
Like... our people are quite polite.. (atleast to the tourists kan) . We people always try to speak in English even some of us find it hard to speak..But we keep on trying. That shows that Malaysians are determined. 

See? We Malaysian People are cool. And that marks the reason why I love being a Malaysian :)
And now... lets talk about something interesting.. which is about an UPCOMING SALES ON LAZADA

If you are my loyal readers (cewah) , you guys will know that I bought my baju raya from the local brand, Amar Amran. And I can say that I love the baju punya material like so much! even it is very plain and simple.. but the cutting tu lawa :) so I can look kurus. hihi.. (same with my lil sis.. dia pun terasa kurus pakai baju kurung qasidah from Amar Amran.

So, this is the banner for the brand :)

Since this post is mainly an update for Merdeka Sales on Lazada.. I will put 4 items that I am attracted to. Sebab Merdeka kan.. so I choose baju kebangsaan as orang melayu lah. Hihi

apa ? ingat hari raya je la pakai baju kurung, baju melayu semua ke?
These types of baju.. kita boleh pakai every week tauu.. lagi lagi jenis selesa pakai baju kurung untuk pergi class and kerja. hihi.. so here are they!

Okay guys! Putih bersih.. budi pekerti :) cantikkan jubah dia ? 

Kuning, warna berdaulat. Yep.. Amar Amran ada baju for kanak kanak lelaki jugak :D

Biru, tanda perpaduan negara! and yess.. ada baju kurung for the little cutie pie girls! (Haritu masa I went to their butik.. ramai budak kecik perempuan fitting baju kurung. sumpah cute!)

Add caption
Finally.. this is not red.. but in theme la kan :p ahaha cuz I like this color better. Merah semangat waja :*
At first I thought of choosing only two items to show it to you guys... but Amar Amran has much more to offer. So I choose 4 instead.. with these 4 beautiful colors :)

Incase you guys tak tau.. here I would like to share yang LAZADA ada buat 
Merdeka! Merdeka! Sale 

click atas ni okay kalau nak tengok. hihi

So the Sales will take place from 25 August to 31 August (di mana yguys semua boleh dapat special discount up to 80%!). Yup.. indeed.. it is special . 

Anyway, here I would like to wish you guys Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 60, and may this year would be the best for us Malaysian, to keep on making Malaysia proud.. and to increase the love to our country. InsyaAllah.. we can be the better people, for a better place 


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